ELevated: Jump!

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elevated article header man stretching arms out to sky

Allow me to introduce you to someone dear to my heart. His name is Michael. He has been a father figure to me since I was young. Michael is magical. He sees the good in everyone, he is wildly protective, and he never participates in negativity of any sort. He has a magnetic personality which… Read more »

Stay in your Lane: Good or Bad Advice?

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Stay in your lane good or bad advice

‘Staying in your lane’ is an interesting ideal in a contemporary, corporate setting. Nowadays, collaboration is held in such high-esteem that businesses will invest millions in training, installing, and implementing workplace collaboration software. That hardly sounds like ‘staying in your lane.’ But then again, imagine if responsibility was shared among the entire company: No individual… Read more »

3 Better Ways to Celebrate Your Peers than “You’re a Rockstar”

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You just nailed it. Months of research, preparation, and draft after re-draft have just culminated in what was certainly the greatest presentation of the millennia. After the thunderous applause begins to peter off, you are finally able to hear the congratulations that you’ve anticipated for so long: “You’re a rockstar!” “Hey, rockstar!” “You know what… Read more »

Employee Spotlight – Sam

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Sam Helgren National Sales England Logistics

Throughout history, leaders have been distinguished by titles. Only an individual with the title of ‘captain’ could pilot a ship, only a ‘general’ could command an army, and only a ‘king’ could govern a people. Regardless, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Occasionally, there comes along an individual so naturally inclined to caring… Read more »

ELevated: Snapshot

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elevated blog series header snapshot

This is a picture of my little family. Isn’t it sweet? Happy, smiling, faces. A loving brother gently touching his sister while we look at our perfect, new baby girl. Outside the fact that we love each other, this picture was a total illusion. Here is the full truth of that day: I was a… Read more »

Employee Spotlight – Alex

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Alex Learning and Development Specialist

It’s a little known fact that tenacity and perseverance are not synonyms. Though both words imply an element of resilience, tenacity is the ability to endure tribulation, while perseverance is ability to continue acting in the face of tribulation. While the world’s share of tenacious people is limited, a perseverant person is a true diamond in the rough. Having… Read more »

Podcast Network EP 22 | Customer Experience: Quality Processes

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podcast network customer experience quality processes

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Virtual Success: Opportunity

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virtual success opportunity work from home

During World War II, the German military implemented a strategy called blitzkrieg, a term meaning, “lightning warfare.” This strategy was comprised of rapid and formidable attacks intended to catch the opposing side off guard. It worked. It was not uncommon for the opposing commanders to simply surrender when faced with what appeared to be a… Read more »

Virtual Success: Comfort

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virtual success comfort work from home

There are few things better than being comfortable. Laying in a warm bed, wearing pants that stretch with cozy socks—it’s pure bliss. We crave comfort, so when we finally find it, it’s a place we don’t want to leave. When we are experienced and have a lot of knowledge in a certain area, we easily… Read more »

Virtual Success: Fear

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virtual success fear work from home tips

During WWI, Amelia Earhart was a first-aid nurse in Toronto. She spent much of her free time watching the Royal Flying Corps train in the local airfield. Her interest of being a pilot was sparked and the seed of a dream was planted. After the war, while taking pre-med classes at Columbia University, she went… Read more »