Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow

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Maintaining Healthy Cash Flow

Cash is King! Observe any introductory corporate finance course and one will learn that this simple phase is one of the fundamental principles that any business must learn and adhere to. Keep cash on hand to maintain a healthy cash flow. Sounds simple enough, right? Just because a principle like “Cash is King” is easy… Read more »

How Pre-Trip Inspections Save You Money

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Pre Trip Inspections Save You Money

You know that pre-trip inspections are required by law, but did you know that they could save you money as well? The Department of Transportation (DOT) has required that every driver must complete a pre-trip inspection before each shift. This is required to not only keep the driver safe, but to ensure the safety of… Read more »

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

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How to avoid distracted driving

Did you know that in the U.S. nine people die each day as a result of distracted driving? 80% of all car accidents are caused by distracted driving. 16% of all traffic related fatalities are caused by distracted drivers. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone usage causes 1.6 million car crashes in the… Read more »

Cargo Claims: How to Prevent and Solve Them

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Prevent Cargo Claims

Cargo claims are part of the transportation business and being educated on prevention can help minimize the number of claims that occur. When product goes missing or arrives damaged, the bill of lading (BOL) between the carrier and the shipper has been broken. If this happens, the shipper can then file a claim to recover… Read more »

Why Customer Experience Matters Most

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Customer Experience Matters Most

Customer experience is the impression customers have of a brand as a whole throughout all aspects of the buying and service journey. The customer experience creates their view of a company and impacts factors related to the bottom-line including revenue, customer growth and retention. In business, the primary touchpoints that create the customer experience are people,… Read more »

Operation Safe Driver Week is Here

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CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week

The COVID-19 pandemic may be keeping more people at home, but the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is still holding its annual Operation Safe Driver Week this week, July 12th-18th. This safety initiative, which takes place in North America, encourages law personnel to identify drivers who are operating vehicles unsafely. “It’s essential that this enforcement… Read more »

Why is Proper Tire Care Important?

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Why tire care is important

Tires are one of the transportation industry’s top major expenses, accounting for approximately 2% of overall costs. When purchasing tires, many trucking businesses only think of the up-front costs of the tires. Improper tire care can affect productivity, uptime and fuel efficiency, costing you lots of time and money. The better the tire care, the… Read more »

3 Reasons to Fuel at Large Truck Stops

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Fuel at Large Truck Stops

Trucking companies have always been concerned about fuel quality and how to get the best performance for their vehicles. After all, trucks and fuel are two of the largest expenses in running a trucking company. One question that trucking companies ask is, are major truck stops better for fueling trucks? The answer is yes, and… Read more »