Fraud Alert: Skimming and Shimming

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skimming and shimming

With fuel prices continuing to make headlines, scammers are pioneering new ways to pick your pockets at the pump. Here’s how.   What are Skimming and Shimming? By planting a special device on a fuel pump terminal, thieves can collect credit card information. Skimming refers to the collection of information via a swipe terminal and… Read more »

Driver Spotlight – Chuck

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driver spotlight

Driver Appreciation Week is more than just an opportunity to thank drivers–it’s a time to celebrate them. With our driver spotlight series, we are sharing the stories of carriers from all walks of life. Special thanks to the wonderful drivers that allowed us to share their experiences. — EL: Thanks again for your willingness to… Read more »

Five Easiest Meals for Truck Drivers on the Road

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meals for truck drivers on the road

The cost of eating out can really stack up when considering meals for truck drivers on the road. Cooking in the cab can be a convenient alternative that saves money and gives you the freedom to eat what you want regardless of where you find yourself. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to… Read more »

Truck Driver Blues: Staying Happy on the Road

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truck driver blues

There’s a reason that trucker drivers are regarded as heroes. Mile after mile, trucking can be a lonely, stressful and physically demanding gig. In fact, 26.9% of truckers suffer from some form of depression—more than ¼ of the entire industry are feeling the truck driver blues. Why is that number so high? Well, the National… Read more »

3 Trucker Parking Hacks

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trucker parking hacks

To help relieve just a little bit of the pain you feel while parking, we’ve compiled a few trucker parking hacks to find parking easier and faster.   Trucker Parking Hack #1: Use an App Trucker parking apps may just be the very best way you can save on time, money and sanity for OTR… Read more »