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From 2018 – 2022, the number of fatalities on the road rose 16%. In 2022 alone, 42,795 fatal crashes claimed motorist lives. In response to the dire epidemic of vehicle-related fatalities, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) created Operation Safe Driver Week 2024.


What is Operation Safe Driver Week 2024?

Operation Safe Driver Week 2024 (OSDW) is a week-long campaign to end unsafe driving through education and enforcement.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2024 will take place July 7 – 13.

During OSDW, law enforcement across North America will be on the lookout for risky driving behaviors and issuing a citation or warning to offenders. These behaviors include speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, and other dangerous behaviors.

In addition to emphasizing enforcement, the CVSA will also educate on safe driving behaviors through its website and social media channels.


Facts about Safe Driving in North America

OSDW was instituted in response to alarming data regarding safe driving. Did you know:

  • More than 25% of crash-related fatalities are due to speeding
  • Most traffic collisions are related to speeding
  • 3,308 drivers lost their lives to distracted driving in 2022
  • Half of all traffic fatalities were not wearing seatbelts
  • 28 people die daily in drunk-driving collisions

These statistics represent an epidemic of preventable tragedies. Here’s how to do your part in preventing collisions.


Habits for Safe Driving

Whether your destination is just a few miles away or across the nation, these tips can help you get there safely.

  1. Always wear a seat belt
  2. Obey traffic signals and signage
  3. NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  4. NEVER text and drive
  5. Heed the speed limit (including work zone speed limits)
  6. Share the road with cyclists
  7. Avoid talking and driving
  8. NEVER try to beat a railroad crossing

Though these tips may seem intuitive, most collisions are caused by people failing to act on these essential safety habits.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2024 is a week-long effort to curb unsafe driving through enforcement and education. You can avoid a potentially tragic collision by educating yourself on safe habits, knowing the consequences, and implementing them into your everyday driving.

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