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England Logistics has a location in the warm community of Riverdale, Georgia! Structured on passion and enthusiasm, we’re looking for like-minded team members to join our team. As a member of the England Logistics team, you can enjoy career plans customized to your goals, career advancement opportunities, and constant access to professional development courses. Click below to see all available jobs in Riverdale, Georgia!



We may be surrounded by a beautiful city, but it’s what’s on the inside that really matters. Our team of passionate, personable, and professional individuals is what makes England Logistics one of the 50 Best Companies to Sell For – Selling Power Magazine’s words, not ours. In order to succeed as a team, we believe it’s important to play as a team. That’s why there’s no shortage of company-wide activities throughout the year, such as dodgeball tournaments, team challenges, and sales competitions. If you’re ready to enhance each aspect of your life through jobs in Riverdale, Georgia, England Logistics is the place for you.


Though Riverdale boasts an endless roster of attractions, events and activities, the busyness of the city hasn’t seemed to diminish its southern charm. Riverdale population is renowned for its hospitality and kindness. Don’t be shocked when doors seem to be open themselves on your way to metal karaoke night.


Riverdale is near the heart of American southern cooking. With the comfort food capital of the world only a short drive away, you can put your self-control to the test with a host of famous restaurants within your lunch break.


If the College Football Hall of Fame, world-famous hip-hop tours or the most colorful festivals on earth don’t appeal to you, Riverdale also boasts lush nature retreats with unbeatable hiking and camping.


If you’re a runner, an actor, or have just a plain-old obsession with lockers (look it up), there’s an organization for you in Riverdale. Enjoy the culture of a team that’s dedicated to betterment, and a community that’s committed to culture.

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