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COACHTeam Philosophy

As an England Logistics team member, you are part of a powerful vision of achievement.

Our COACHTeam philosophy is deeply ingrained in our culture and serves as the guide to our actions. The philosophy consists of six fundamental principles: Career, Open Communication, Accountability, Celebration, Hard Work, and Team. These principles are the foundation upon which all else is built.

COACHTeam defines our unwavering commitment to ourselves, each other, and those that trust us with their business. Each of us is responsible to understand and live these values each day.


  • Improve and expand your skills and strengths
  • Seek fulfillment and growth in your current role
  • Identify and pursue new opportunities
  • Own your career development plan and your future
  • Create meaningful connections

Open Communication

  • Be open, honest, and create a safe space
  • Look to understand above all else and assume the best
  • Set clear expectations
  • Rely on evidence-based conclusions
  • Create unity around goals


  • Be accountable to self and team
  • Practice transparency
  • Take ownership of choices and actions
  • Exercise self-correction
  • Celebrate success


  • Celebrate every moment of excellence, big or small
  • Appreciate others meaningfully
  • Create excitement for the next achievement
  • Seek out opportunities to celebrate team members
  • Acknowledge your own accomplishments

Hard Work

  • Work with purpose, urgency, and intensity
  • Focus on productivity and growth, personally and professionally
  • Perform with energy, enthusiasm, and passion
  • Build life equilibrium
  • Revel in the accomplishment


  • Understand your role as contributing to the greater good
  • Prioritize others first
  • Celebrate individual uniqueness and viewpoints
  • Build genuine relationships
  • Treat others with compassion and empathy

Inspired by our COACHTeam philosophy, England Logistics teammates and guests gather annually for our official EL Kickoff event. There, we announce our goals and theme for the upcoming year, and this theme serves as a single, shared vision for our team. With inspiring keynote speakers who urge our company to reach beyond, and our senior team cheering us on, it’s a great way to start our new year.


One team, one goal. EL’s Kickoff reminds us to work together to deliver results and hold ourselves accountable to achieve success.