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We are confident in our ability to help you enhance your business. That’s why we encourage you to shop around and see exactly why England Logistics is the best agent sponsor in the industry. This is not a comprehensive list of all of our offerings, but a snapshot of a few important things that you don’t want to be without.

When shopping around, we encourage you to use this checklist to get an idea about what other companies offer beyond their one-size-fits-all sales pitch. Ask questions. Ask about the items that are most important to you. This decision is extremely important to the success of your business. Since this is your business, it’s important that you are sponsored by the best!

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The England Logistics Brand Name

Our industry experience has given us the opportunity to create valuable relationships with logistics professionals throughout the nation. Joining the England Logistics Authorized Freight Agent Program allows you to align your business with these connections and offer customers a comprehensive set of services, and carriers the opportunity to receive England Carrier Services’ value-added products, like fuel discounts, tire purchase discounts, ELDs and factoring opportunities.

Adding these resources to your business is sure to establish your reputation as a competitive logistics solutions provider.

Do prospective customers know who you are?

Why Shippers Will Choose You

Superior Carriers

England Logistics leverages relationships with top industry leaders in international shipping and nationwide carriers. This vast network allows us to consistently obtain the best service and price for your shippers. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the right carrier to move freight.

Financial Stability

We understand that your quality work relies on quality support. England Logistics has the financial resources and a streamlined process to make sure you and carriers receive a consistent payout.

$250,000 Bond

Although the industry standard is $75,000, England Logistics offers a more robust bond. As a Performance Certified member of TIA, England Logistics is able to provide secure funding for members of our Agent Program. Manage your business with the financial backing to offer carriers secure protection.

Why Carriers Will Choose You

Quick Pay Options

Carriers can feel secure with reliable payment. In addition to our standard 15-day payment method, we also offer several quick pay options to receive payment in 24-hours with no fee.

24-Hour Support

Our carrier support team provides a dedicated resource available 24/7. Whether you need Com-Check assistance or support on a load, they are there to help every step of the way.

Carrier Service

Arranging efficient transportation and consistent communication are just a few ways we support carriers. Our team provides step-by-step assistance on each shipment to help everything run smoothly.

How much faster could you find a carrier if they knew they could get paid within 24 hours?

More Modes to Move

We open up our entire service portfolio for you to sell, including a one-of-a-kind parcel program that utilizes the infrastructure of FedEx and DHL for packaging, planes and more.

It’s simple: Send a customer to the appropriate service division and you’ll make a profit on each shipment. Want to learn how to do it yourself? Our team will provide cross-training on our unique program.

How many more customers could you help if you could service all of their logistics needs beyond one mode?

Back Office Support to Save You Time


Our collections team has developed quality relationships with many customers, resulting in timely payments. No need to let overdue payments slow you down. We will take that burden from you so you can focus on the big picture.

Claims Department

With a proven track record of success, our claims process and in-house legal analysis is prepared to effectively handle any and all claims that may arise. Although claims are inevitable, an Agent Service Representative will be available to strive for a smooth outcome.

Credit Department

Simplify the process of establishing new customers by utilizing our credit department and providing free credit checks for customers. Establishing credit through a financially secure company will promote their stability.

Our back office support and financial strength is prepared to assist you in reaching your business goals. Experienced logistics coaches and operations team members are also available to offer resources such as webinars, online trainings and more.

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    We are here to help you maximize your freight business and help you build a rewarding career. England Logistics is seeking freight agent candidates with at least 2 years verifiable experience (not including training programs) and a current book of business. If you qualify please complete the form below to become a freight broker.

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    Thank you for your interest in the England Logistics Authorized Agent program. We are looking for at least 2 years of experience, but we'd still love to talk to you to find out how you can still join us in some capacity. Please call us at 866.476.7012. Thanks!