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England Carrier Services’ (ECS) factoring provides cash flow in an industry where carriers are often waiting 45 days or more to be paid for their hard work.  Our technology and factoring services can get you paid within hours of completing delivery to ensure that your trucks continue to stay hard at work. This allows your company to maximize profits by staying on the road doing what you do best.

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    Factoring Process

    Receiving payment for your work doesn't need to be difficult. In fact, it only takes four easy steps.

    Complete the delivery of your load.

    Submit your rate confirmation and Bill of Lading to ECS.

    Provide an invoice to ECS or let us create one for you.

    ECS deposits your funds directly to your bank account or ECS fuel card.

    ECS Advantages

    Receive assistance on any daily needs with a personal Customer Service Factoring Agent.

    Gain access to ECS credit and collections teams to ensure complete visibility.

    Access online reports 24/7.

    Build customizable factoring service plans and pricing solutions.

    Enjoy competitive factoring rates.

    Streamline your cash flow and eliminate the need for billing, collections and other time-consuming services.

    We Have Freight. Let Us Help You Find It.

    We have freight opportunities available for our factoring customers, and we’ve developed a system so you can take advantage of this opportunity. In order to match your company with available loads, you will need to submit important data such as DOT/MC numbers and preferred lane info via an online form.

    What Else Can England Offer You?

    Freight Factoring | Transportation Factoring | Trucking Invoice Factoring


    • Direct phone line to customer service team
    • Regular opportunities to save on fuel, tires and maintenance
    • Exclusive support on your account



    • Automated, efficient invoice management
    • Tracking available from start to finish
    • Daily, weekly or monthly reports


    • Convenient credit checks for freight brokers
    • Assistance in avoiding high credit risk carriers
    • Awareness of market opportunities



    • Dedicated support for developing your business
    • Consistent communication to avoid setbacks
    • Industry updates shared regularly
    Trucking Invoice Factoring | Freight Factoring | Freight Bill Factoring

    Financial Freedom

    Our purpose in the England Carrier Services family is to share our unique expertise and experience with you to help you take control of your finances and focus on your future fleet growth. We do this by providing smart solutions to meet your financial needs. ECS Factoring offers same-day funding to your bank account or fuel card. We also provide you with free online credit checks to help you stay on top of your financial goals. In addition, our valued Factoring customers are given top priority on England Logistics’ load boards to help you continue your company services.

    Access to Fuel Program & Tire Discounts

    At England Logistics, we understand how vital your role is in providing shipping services to businesses across the nation. That is why England Carrier Services (ECS) has developed a custom suite of services to enhance your experience as a valued carrier on the England Logistics team.

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