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Despite the cost benefits of changing your semi-truck tires, the tire-changing process can be complex without the right equipment. Fortunately, several semi-truck tire-changing tools make the tire-changing process easier, faster, and safer.

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    Here are some of the most helpful semi-truck tire-changing tools. For carriers working for a company, be sure to consult your company’s tire-changing policy before attempting a job yourself.


    Tire Irons

    Tire irons, or tire spoons, are curved metal bars that make tire removal and installation possible.


    How to Use a Tire Iron

    To remove a tire,

    1. Lay the wheel with the front side up.
    2. Place the flat portion of the tire iron between the bead and the rim. Push on the curved portion for leverage.
    3. Work your way around the tire to lift the bead in small increments.
    4. Use several spoons to hold a pried section open while you work on the adjacent side.
    5. The tire should come off once the entire bead has been moved over the rim.

    To mount a tire,

    1. Place the tire on top of the rim.
    2. Use the tire iron to push the bead over the rim. Similarly to how you’d remove a tire, perform this step in small chunks for better success.
    3. Once the first bead is on, repeat the process for the second bead.
    4. Inflate the tire to seat the beads.


    Bead Breakers

    Tire removal can be difficult if the bead is particularly stubborn. Bead breakers can be invaluable in removing the bead from the rim.


    How to Use a Bead Breaker
    1. Deflate the tire entirely. This step is imperative for your safety.
    2. Position the bead breaker against the sidewall.
    3. Begin to apply pressure. A hydraulic bead breaker will make the task easy. A manual bead breaker will require significant pressure.
    4. Repeat the process around the tire to completely separate the bead from the rim.
    5. Once separated, flip the tire to complete on the other side.


    Tire Lubricant

    Whether used with a tire iron or a bead breaker, tire lubricant can substantially ease the tire removal or mounting process with all semi-truck tire-changing tools.


    How to Apply Tire Lubricant
    1. Ensure the tire bead and rim are clean before applying lubricant.
    2. Use a brush or swab to apply lubricant to both sides of the bead.
    3. Apply another layer of lubricant to the rim.
    4. If a tire seems to be sticking to certain areas when mounting or removing, apply additional lubricant.


    Bead Keeper

    For additional convenience, a bead keeper can be a helpful tool for keeping the bead in place while mounting.


    How to Use a Bead Keeper
    1. Place the bead keeper between the bead and rim where you want to begin mounting. The bead keeper will hold the bead in place while you work through the mounting process.
    2. You may adjust the bead keeper as needed through mounting.
    3. Once mounted, remove the bead keeper from between the bead and rim.

    Semi-truck tire-changing tools make the process faster and easier. Carriers can safely change their own tires by using tools like tire irons, bead breakers, bead keepers, and tire lubricant.


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