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We take pride in our people. Our team is comprised of the high-fivers, the loudest cheerers and the happiest people in the industry. With a universal desire to become better, our award-winning culture is not only successful, it is transformative. Get to know our team through the highlights, team member spotlights and ‘Meet Your New Career’ interviews below.



Meet the smiles behind the success and hear their stories. Clearly-charted career paths allow our team members to know exactly what they need to do to progress in their careers. And they do.

Dive into a wealth of success stories in our video series below.


“I think as a leader you must dream so big that it can encompass all the dreams of your team members.”- Colton

“Honestly, it’s my family first. But my EL family? That’s my second best accomplishment.”- Ryan


“I am big on gratitude. I think there’s always someone or something to thank for even the smallest of things.” – Lisa


“England Logistics has been one of the greatest blessings I’ve had, and I honestly can get emotional talking about it because it changed my life in a lot of ways.” – Micah

“Everybody embraces each other here. And I love that.” – Sheena


“I believe that every day you come in here, there is a new challenge for you.” – Edgar

“My why is for the people in my life, the people I care about, my family, my friends, my coworkers, and building relationships.” – Danielle



The goodness of our team speaks for itself, but it helps to hear it in their own words. Each of our team members are radically different in their own unique right, and that’s exactly how we prefer it.

Despite being a diverse workplace, take a glance at any of interviews below and you’ll find a common thread: a relentless drive to become better.


young business man with family photos

Logistics Coach – Colton


…with rapid succession, Colton blew past account managers 2 and 3 and enjoyed a short season as a senior account manager. After considerable success in that position, he was asked to be a logistics coach in April 2022…”

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young business man with family photos

Portfolio Manager – Edgar


When describing ambition, we often refer to someone as “on fire” or a “flame.” If you’re looking to inspire, you need only “stoke the fire” or “ignite passion…”

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agent service representative family modeling hiking

Agent Business Coach – Micah


Now triumphant from past challenges, Micah is an ambassador for optimism and inspires resilience in her peers and friends…

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Logistics coach professional standing

Accounting Manager – Danielle


It seems that an ambition for people and a desire to work hard are staples of a successful person, and Danielle possesses an overabundance of both attributes…

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Logistics coach professional standing

Order Audit AP Manager – Sheena


By embracing the many curves of her career path, Sheena navigated department changes…

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employee collage singing river rafting fishing

Account Manager – Lisa


“I am big on gratitude. I think there’s always someone or something to thank for even the smallest of things…”

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Business coach mountain hiking in rock formation employee spotlight

Business Development Coach – Lisa


When we imagine a welcoming person, we likely envision a warm, inviting personality…

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National sales manager standing at marathon finish line employee spotlight

National Sales Manager – Sam


As Sam continues to inspire and be inspired by his peers, his capacity to lead will likely attend him, regardless of job title….

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Logistics coach professional standing

Fuel Logistics Coach – Ryan


For Ryan, the betterment of others is not an obligation but an obsession. Rather than be called a leader, it may better suit him to be called a ‘lifter,’…

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Corporate trainer riding mountain bike in mountains

Learning & Development Specialist – Alex


Having battled cancer, financial uncertainty, and stress, all simultaneously, Alex did so with a glimmering smile…

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Marketing brand manager holding son smiling in Disneyland employee spotlight

Sr. Marketing Manager – Chad


Chad is a creator. Undoubtedly his ad campaigns, cultural contributions and…

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Logistics coach professional standing

Logistics Coach – Daniel


Daniel is unbelievably humble. It seemed that whenever an achievement was brought up…

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