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When asked, “Do you like helping people?” most of the population would likely answer in the affirmative. There is something about passing the baton of good fortune that makes us human.

Even so, acting on this desire is most commonly found in those that have already succeeded. Having accumulated a wealth of accomplishments, these folks kindly give back.

But what of those that give all along? Are they pressed thin as they extend one hand, the other busily attending to their needs?

If Colton is a case study for such a scenario, it can be confidently confirmed that aiding others breeds strong leadership, gratitude, and all the more success. Once helping people becomes a passion rather than an obligation, little can be done to stop the progress of such a person.

Colton began his career as an account manager in April 2020. With rapid succession, he blew past account managers 2 and 3 and enjoyed a short season as a senior account manager. After considerable success in that position, Colton was asked to be a logistics coach in April 2022.

Colton: My name’s Colton, and I am a logistics coach for England Logistics in our Salt Lake City office. I’ve been here two years and four months now, almost five.

EL: Colton, I’ve looked forward to talking for a while. You’ve got a reputation here.

Tell me a little about your career progression. I’d love to hear about your journey.

Colton: I came to our factoring division as an account manager in April 2020. I progressed from account manager one to account manager two, to account manager three, and finally to senior account manager by the end of that same year. I had outstanding leadership that helped me learn quickly and have the tools to succeed.

In April of 2022, after I’d been here for two years, I was promoted to logistics coach. I loved the role of a senior account manager, but a logistics coach still has that same energy and even more fulfillment, in my opinion, to help others succeed.

EL: It’s pretty evident that you have to have much passion for what you do to get to that point. Outside your work, what are some other things you love?

Colton: My dad put a football in my hands as soon as I could walk. I played college football for four years, two years at Snow Junior College, and then two years at Idaho University. So, my passions are sports, particularly football, and anything outdoors. Camping, dirt bikes, off-roading, and skiing are just a few others.

Anything outside, anything adventurous. Skydiving and things of that nature.

EL: Wait, skydiving? We just blew over skydiving?

Colton [laughing]: So one of my passions is plain being adventurous, which includes skydiving.

I did it in Moab because my two twin brothers-in-law convinced me to do it. I’m always up for anything. If my friends or family invite me to do something adventurous or crazy, the answer is usually yes.

But yeah, that gets your heart pounding.

EL: ‘Plane’ being adventurous. I see what you did there. Well, that’s awesome.

You’ve done some cool stuff, but what is your proudest accomplishment?


My proudest accomplishment would be raising a family and finding the love of my life.

We have a little daughter who’s nine months old now. I am pretty proud of our love for each other.

EL: That’s beautiful and a fantastic accomplishment.

Now, speaking to the more professional token of that, what was a professionally defining experience that was significant for you?

Colton: One of my proudest professionally-building experiences was forming a relationship with several separate referral partners that sent me several carriers that could come on board.

That was a unique experience for me to develop those relationships.

Sales have been an outlet for me to take the same energy I had from football from sports and apply it to my career.

My professionally defining experience was when I first came here, making 80-100 calls a day. I was trying my best to find new carriers to bring on board. About three months after making all those calls, I got back those calls and interest. The part that defined things for me and my passion for what I love to do here is when the carriers would thank me for all I did to help and how I impacted their lives.

The defining experience was taking my passion, sports, and applying it to sales. It was fantastic to see that my love could help others.

EL: That’s wonderful. You made a little allusion to your ‘why.’ What drives you to be your best?

Colton: My ‘why’ is helping others . I think a great leader helps others do things they would otherwise not be able to accomplish without you.

That’s my drive. That my ‘why’ is to help others realize their potential and, at the same time, maximize mine.

EL: That’s wonderful. It sounds like you derive much satisfaction by impacting others…but when are you very happiest?

Colton: I am most fulfilled and happiest when I dream of future goals.

As a leader, you must dream so big that it can encompass all the dreams of your team members.

Whether with my family or with the members of my team here, I’m happiest when I align with my goals.

EL: Nailed it! I think there’s so much power in that kind of inclusive leadership.

This one is a little wildcard: Is there something most people don’t know about?

Colton: On my seventh birthday, my parents asked me what I wanted, and I told them a guitar. I didn’t have a party. I didn’t have any friends come over. Instead, I just wanted a guitar. And so, from ages seven to thirteen, I was a guitar fan. I was a rock and roll guy and learned Led Zeppelin, Creed, and Three Doors Down kinds of songs. I don’t play much anymore, so not many people know this about me.

EL: That’s rad! We’ve talked a lot about some of your ambition regarding your family and work, but do you have a mantra or model for life that is all-encompassing?

Colton: “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Or in other words, everything matters in your day-to-day life.

I stick to a routine where I wake up; work out every morning, come to work, come home, and have dinner with my family. If I do my best in those things, I am doing all right.

EL: That takes discipline! Final question here. What is your plan?

Colton: A goal my wife and I have had for a while is getting into a house.

Working at England Logistics has helped me to reach this goal. We’re moving into our house in two weeks! That’s been exciting for us.

Ultimately, I want to be in a position where I am happy and helping others. I’m grateful for having a house for my family to be together daily and go about life.

EL: Congratulations! That’s a great goal. You’ve seen such incredible success in your time. Was there ever a moment where your back was up against a wall?

Colton: Two moments come to mind that really shape who I am. I played football the first outside of work, where I walked on for both colleges.

I remember that on the day of tryouts, there were three lists: One showed the people who were cut. One of the ‘maybes.’ The last one displayed the people who made the team. I was on the maybe list.

That motivated me. I made the team and got a scholarship, and I did the same at the next school I went to. At work, that has shaped me to be who I am in my new role as a logistics coach.

EL: Those experiences can be so enabling if we allow them, but it takes the right stuff. What characteristics do you have that help you excel in your job as a logistics coach?

Colton: Number one, you must have humility when you’re in leadership. I’d also say confidence and belief in myself is a huge thing—finally, patience. Those three characteristics help you the most when you are training account managers.

EL: And what characteristics do you look for in them?

Colton: When I’m looking to bring someone onto my team, I look for hunger in a new account. I want someone willing to show up every day on time and learn.

They need to want to learn what we do here and what we offer. So, hunger and effort. I think anybody can come to England Logistics, and if they have the right mindset, and they come in and be humble and learn for a couple of months, things will pick up very quickly for them, and they’ll be successful.

EL: You’ve sincerely given so much to England Logistics. What has England Logistics given to you?

Colton: England Logistics has helped me in many ways. When my daughter was born in 2021, she was born two months early, with some complications. She had to be in the intensive care unit for six weeks.

And so personally, England helped me. I had a great manager who would keep in touch with me, ask me how I was, and even bring me dinner once. That meant a lot to me. While you’re at the office, management is beneficial to the person, and so is your personal relationship with them.

EL: That’s so wonderful to hear that you were supported.

Colton: I was never expecting to get into logistics or trucking. Even growing up, I had never heard about all the jobs that trucking offers.

I found the job opportunity through social media and was referred by someone who works here. It’s been a big blessing in my life. I have a strong passion for sales and used to make door-to-door sales, and finding this new career path in logistics and trucking has been perfect for me. I think there’s an excellent opportunity for anybody in this industry.

EL: If they’re anything like yourself, I’m sure success will find them.



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