To Ship Free, or Not to Ship Free – That’s the Question for E-commerce Retailers – DHL Featured Contributor

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Written by Chet Paul, DHL Blog   The question of offering free shipping or not offering free shipping is on e-tailer’s minds year-round. Free shipping has become the norm, especially during the holiday season; 70 percent of shoppers have the expectation of receiving free shipping during the holidays, and 83 percent of consumers search for free shipping… Read more »

Global E-Commerce Tip: Don’t Minimize De Minimis – DHL Featured Contributor

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Global E-commerce Tip: Don't Minimize De Minimis

Written by Amy Smith, DHL Blog   E-commerce is changing the rules of business on a global scale, allowing even the smallest business to reach consumers anywhere on the planet, quickly and with relative ease. Here in the United States, both established organizations and online startups recognize the vast revenue potential beyond our borders, and they… Read more »

FAK vs. Class Exception

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FAK Freight Class vs Class Exception Freight Classes

You may have heard the term FAK freight class thrown around, but it can be difficult to understand all that it entails. You may find that knowing the difference between FAKs and class exception could save you both money and heartburn.   In layman terms, FAKs (Freight All Kinds) are tariff classifications for various goods… Read more »