3 Things COVID-19 Has Taught Us 

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futureinfocusseriespartlookingforwardwithoptimismthingscovid hastaughtus

Yes, there were earthquakes. And yes, the pandemic of 2020 is more far-reaching than most could have anticipated. But there are also window-posters, and community outreaches, and charity drives, and optimism, and perhaps most prominently, there is unity as individuals came together for the good of their communities. Many have correctly observed that, holistically, the… Read more »

3 Ways Optimism Breeds Success

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futureinfocusseriespartlookingforwardwithoptimismthingscovid hastaughtus

Company executives have universally expended an endless stream of monetary, intellectual, and human resources in response to this ongoing dilemma: How do you inspire an entire workforce to productivity? The issue is staggering when the personality, cultural background, and even work ethic of a company is so diverse. In man’s quest for unity, each corporate… Read more »

One Factor that Helped Our Team Thrive through a Crisis

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One Factor That Helped Our Team Thrive Through A Crisis | Culture of Optimism

2020 was supposed to be a year that only opticians remembered for being the holy grail of marketing, but as circumstances continued to evolve, textbooks and business journals had already begun to immortalize its events. In terms of economic, social, and even psychological impact, COVID-19 has influenced the global homeostasis more prominently than any other… Read more »

A Special Message from Jason

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Special Message from Jason Beardall Concerning Workplace Diversity Unrest Tolerance

Jason Beardall, president of England Logistics, shared his heartfelt thoughts concerning the unrest of the nation with the EL team. His words, shared below, offer a powerful reminder of the importance of empathy and tolerance.   —   You often hear from me, especially when impassioned about a topic that I feel morally connected to… Read more »

England Logistics Podcast Network Ep 17 | Senior Leadership Roundtable Pt. 3

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A few members of our senior leadership team gathered together a little over a week ago to record a discussion of the current challenges faced by our nation. We asked them to give us ten minutes of their time. What resulted was an emotional 90 minutes as the group reflected on displays of heroism, perseverance,… Read more »

COVID-19 Small Business Financial Assistance

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COVID SmallBusinessAssistance

As North America adjusts during the COVID-19 outbreak, and trucking businesses continue to facilitate important deliveries across the country, carriers are faced with many issues they haven’t experienced before. Through all of these changes, it’s important for carriers to know that there are small business financial assistance programs to assist if you find your business… Read more »