Resolving and Engaging Conflict

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Resolving and Engaging Conflict

For many of us, the thought of conflict has a negative connotation. We associate it with strong emotions, argumentative exchanges, ill feelings, and maybe damaged relationships. Therefore, we avoid it. A conflict can strengthen communications and relationships when effectively resolved rather than avoided. Moreover, actively engaging in positive, productive conflict can build stronger teams and… Read more »

Tips to Be Mentally Healthy | England Logistics

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tips to be mentally healthy

There is a growing concern about mental health across the globe, but its effects can be felt in our communities. For some, mental hygiene concerns have become real, tangible challenges within our social circles and families. One of the key contributors to good mental health is a personal commitment to mental hygiene. Mental hygiene can… Read more »

Embracing Change as Normal

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Embracing change as normal gratitude

Throughout my life I have periodically heard, and even used, the phrase, “I can’t wait until things get back to normal.” Never has it been so often expressed as in the past two years. Yet, this begs at least a couple of questions: “What is normal?” “Why are we so anxious to go backward in… Read more »


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coach coach change retaining employees through coaching checklist

Recruiting quality talent is already an expensive process but replacing talented individuals can be even more costly. ‘Coach-Coach-Change’ is an approach to performance management that emphasizes retaining employees through coaching rather than a weeding out process. The approach is built on the belief that leaders have a responsibility to set clear expectations, train and coach… Read more »

Win-Win Recruiting: the Business and the Professional

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win win recruiting for the business and the professional

There is a new paradigm evolving in the job market. It is creating a new world for employers and employees, businesses and candidates. It has a more level playing field than ever before. Therefore, it is important that both the business and the professional adapt a mindset of reciprocity, in everything from the early stages… Read more »

“What Color Is Your Parachute” Book Review

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What Color Is Your Parachute book review header

As a new year begins, many of us engage in the long-standing tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. We typically establish these to improve our self or some aspect of our life, including our careers. Resolutions often involve improving roles in our current organization, finding a new place of employment or launching our careers…. Read more »

Strengths-Based Development

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Strengths Based Development & SWOTH Analysis

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with individuals who feel stalled in their development and the value they provide. One common theme among them was that they and their leaders had focused on overcoming their weaknesses. In the end, however, this approach seemed to have a paralyzing effect on the individual and a biasing effect… Read more »

Servant Leadership

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Service Leadership

The idea of a servant leader may seem odd at first. A leader is defined as an individual who goes before or with to show the way. On the other hand, a servant is an individual in the service of another. Can these two characteristics, leader and servant, be brought together? Even if they can,… Read more »

Generation vs. Individual

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Generation vs Individual shots of diverse individuals

Some months ago, I shared a post on LinkedIn regarding the continued emphasis on targeting the needs of different generations, with a particular emphasis on the rising millennial generation. This discussion concerned me then and continues to do so now. Long before the focus on generational differences, there was a lot of energy and resources… Read more »