win win recruiting for the business and the professional

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There is a new paradigm evolving in the job market. It is creating a new world for employers and employees, businesses and candidates. It has a more level playing field than ever before. Therefore, it is important that both the business and the professional adapt a mindset of reciprocity, in everything from the early stages of marketing themselves all the way through screening, selection and employment. The players are now engaged in a game similar to tag—the role of pursuer and pursued can alternate within the same exchange in a matter of seconds. Whether we’re in the role of the business or the professional, each of us must now engage the recruiting process with clarity, candor and a spirit of mutual courting.


Define the Desired Results

When we are in the position of the business seeking employees, it is critical that we set clear expectations, including the results required of the role we are filling. Throughout the history of job descriptions and job postings one thing has been consistently missing—a description of the expected results to be achieved. It is a critical element if we are going to attract and identify the best professional to fill our need. All parties involved in the recruiting process need to have a clear understanding of what is to be delivered by individuals in the role being filled.


Set Cultural Expectations

It is equally important that we accurately and candidly communicate our organizational values and culture, and assess the potential relationship based upon them as well. Many years ago, David Herdlinger, a great executive coach, helped me to see that one of the biggest and most costly mistakes we make is hiring for knowledge and skill and then firing for attitudes and habits. When we candidly communicate our values and culture and assess for fit, we are more likely to also hire for the attitudes and habits that we need and expect of our people.


Communicate your Value(s)

Finally, as the business we have to court the professionals we seek by openly and actively sharing our value proposition or the benefits and opportunities that come with joining our team. We have to paint a full genuine picture of who we are and what we have to offer, now and in the potential future. In today’s competitive marketplace, even the average performer has options. The most sought-after professionals have many.

Equally, when we are in the position of the professional seeking or considering better opportunities it is critical that we court the potential employer through effectively presenting our value proposition, competencies and experience in a way that clearly communicates the contribution we will make to this partnership.

We also need to be just as candid in communicating our values, attitudes and habits and seek to understand the organization’s values and culture. The identification of fit is just as important for us as a professional and potential employee as it is for the business. There is nothing more frustrating and disengaging than being the square peg in a round hole.


Convey your Needs

Finally, we need to be clear in sharing our expectations, specifically the needs and opportunities we seek. As a professional, we will only be engaged in a role, team and organization in which we are first satisfied.

In this new job market neither player has the luxury of believing they have the upper hand. The businesses and professionals that will be on the top are those who understand the reciprocity and therefore approach the potential partnership seeking a Win-Win relationship.

– Wayne DavisVP of Talent Development




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