Succeeding in 2020 as a Freight Agent

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How to succeed as a freight agent in 2020

Third-party logistics customers have many solutions and options at their disposal. In the early weeks of 2020, the market has already provided the industry with many unknowns and challenges. As a freight agent proactively approaching these challenges, and in order to be successful in 2020, your focus should be on constantly widening the gap on… Read more »

Top Tips to Global Trade Success in a Changing World – DHL Featured Contributor

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Written by Eugene Laney, DHL Blog   For U.S. companies trading globally, these are uncertain times. Whether you’re a large exporter, a mid-sized manufacturer, or a growing e-commerce venture that’s quickly building cross-border success, you know the tremendous benefits that international commerce brings to the table—and to your bottom line. But you have also witnessed… Read more »

Onboarding New Employees

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Every employee needs a great onboarding and orientation process. First impressions are everything and it’s important that your new team member’s first day starts out on the right foot. There are many effective options to take a new employee’s first day to the next level. Here are a few opportunities to test out.   Send… Read more »

What Changes to the De Minimis Value Threshold Could Mean for Your Business – DHL Contributor

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What Changes to the De Minimis Value Threshold Could Mean for Your Business - DHL Contributor

Written by Greg Hewitt, DHL Blog   If you have a global e-commerce business that sources low-value parts from other countries, then you should pay attention to the de minimis value threshold. This rule applies to the value of non-originating materials that can be shipped into the U.S. before duties and taxes are assessed. You’ll want to keep… Read more »

Candidate Selection

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Candidate Selection | Hiring Tips | Initial Interview, Live React, Reference Checks | Selection Process

Sourcing and hiring the correct candidate can be a very difficult process, but it’s crucial to the profitability and growth of your business. The current job market is extremely competitive as unemployment rates are at a generational-low. Candidates have access to more information about companies than ever before. With this abundance of information so easily… Read more »

5 Reasons to Attend Agent Conference

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Agent Conference 2019

Achieving your professional goals can be as simple as aligning your business with a team that provides the right learning and networking opportunities. Fortunately, the England Logistics Authorized Agent Program has plenty of resources to help freight agents succeed, including the customized support of a business development team and an agent service representative. Although there… Read more »

Crucial Keys for Enhanced Business Relationships

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Enhanced Business Relationships | Business Connections & Customer Service

Enhancing business relationships between service providers and third-party logistics (3PL) companies is about more than revenue. There are several other crucial elements that determine a beneficial alliance for both parties. If you are ready to take your business connections to the next level, try applying these five key strategies for an enhanced business relationship.  … Read more »

Uniting Full Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload

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full truckload and less-than-truckload FTL LTL shipping strategy

Several transportation modes experienced unique challenges in 2018. Although the industry faced a reduction in volume and a decrease in capacity, these challenges revealed unique opportunities for those offering full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) services. There has always been a natural spill over from FTL to LTL that makes it a logical choice to… Read more »

Getting to Know Your Customers

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Getting to Know Your Customers | Service Strategy | Customer Service | Think Big

When you choose to trust a company with your business, you’re relying on them to know how to best help you. Understanding the goals that you’ve set and what issues you face can ensure that you trust their company with your business for years to come. The same applies to your customer service strategy. Knowing… Read more »

Resolving Customer Conflicts

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Resolving Customer Conflict | Resolve Conflict | Seeing other point of view

You’ve put in all the steps to provide the best customer service. Systems are running on all cylinders and you are confident nothing can get in your way. Unfortunately, every company eventually runs into a conflict. The good news is that the problem can be minimized by how you address it with the customer. When… Read more »