By preparing for seasonality in 2024, freight agents support their client’s needs, anticipate market shifts, and provide strategic advice.

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By preparing for seasonal shipping trends, freight agents can support their client’s needs, anticipate market shifts, and provide strategic advice. Although each year has its differences, there are several key seasons to plan for. Seasonality can be broken into the quiet season, the produce season, and the holiday shipping season. In addition, there are a few other dates to be aware of when preparing for the months ahead, such as Amazon Prime Day and construction season.


Quiet Season

This season refers to the period between January and February when freight slows down after the hectic holiday rush. During this time, mindful shippers and agents are planning for the year to come and evaluate their strategy from the previous year. The quiet season is also when the week-long Lunar New Year celebrations take place. During this holiday, any shipping from China slows down, and businesses reliant on Chinese manufacturers will feel a disruption for that week. This may cause delays for some clients or open up opportunities for others if their competitors slow down during the holiday.


Produce Season

Freight volumes begin to pick up in early March as the produce season kicks off. The peak of the season occurs between April and July when many crops are harvested and prepared for shipping. Temperature-controlled shipping methods are in greater demand during this time of year which may impact clients that normally utilize temperature-controlled shipping for other types of loads. Capacity and shipping rates will be impacted in each region as it experiences the peak for local crops so there are benefits to staying up to date on produce as the season progresses. Another year of strong yields is projected for 2024 which provides a strong opportunity to offer your expertise to clients.


Holiday Season

The holiday shipping season is a very busy time for shippers and carriers as they work to fulfill orders and move holiday freight on schedule. The impact of peak season can be felt as early as October and lasts through the end of December. The best way to get ahead of the rush is to plan early and set expectations with clients. Staying aware of important deadlines, weather conditions, and expected demand can help you advise your clients on this year’s conditions and help them structure their shipping strategy effectively. Providing value for your clients in the form of industry expertise and experience can help them capitalize on this season and uncover unseen opportunities that could improve their efficiency and planning.


Additional Dates

Other dates to be aware of when planning for seasonality in 2024 include Amazon Prime Day. In the past, it has occurred during June or July but Amazon has begun to sprinkle in other sales throughout the year. This can be important for parcel shipping due to the number of returns and purchases moving through the network surrounding those dates.

In addition, it is also helpful to be aware of construction season which takes place between May and October each year. This is the most popular time for construction projects which can include road work and other projects that may impact carriers along their routes.

Knowing what to expect in each season can help you to strategically advise your clients and stay on top of market trends. In addition to preparing for regular seasonal changes being up to date on recent weather and any changes in your client’s industries can provide a great base of information as you act as a consultant to your clients.


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