How to Avoid Fraud and Mitigate Risk

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Avoid Fraud and Mitigate Risk

Criminals looking to commit fraud are not new; however, many are taking advantage of the confusion caused by COVID-19. Employers and employees are trying to adapt to different and often challenging work situations that have resulted from the pandemic. This has allowed criminals more opportunity to commit crimes during the confusion. Below are ways to… Read more »

Can Gratitude Breed Success?

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It’s a tried and true principle: gratitude makes people happy. Just ask Harvard [1], Psychology Today [2], and Oprah [3]. There’s something in our neurochemistry that craves a thankful perspective. But how far-reaching does the power of gratitude extend? Certainly counting your blessings has other dividends beside a good mood. Please don’t misunderstand, happiness is… Read more »

Five Effective Ways to Make a Great Impression at Career Fairs

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Career fairs serve as hubs of networking opportunities to those that are seeking employment. No other event provides an environment where an array of companies are posed for personal interaction and prepared to coordinate interviews. Capitalizing on these events can be the difference between beginning a happy career and sifting through common jobs, but attendance… Read more »

What You Need to Know for Brake Safety Week 2019

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The CVSA annual Brake Safety Week brings about a host of initiatives, programs, and most significantly for commercial drivers: inspections. Because there is a significant amount of information available about what inspectors will be searching for, this guide has been prepared to provide you with the essentials of Brake Safety Week.   What, when, and… Read more »