Enhancing the Client Experience

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Finding new ways to harness the human connection to enhance the client experience is vital to any business’s success.

Human connection is powerful, and harnessing that connection for your business is essential. Finding new ways to enhance the client experience is vital to any business’s success. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider why client experience is necessary. Attention to this experience is important to keeping existing clients and gaining new ones. Customers… Read more »

How to Peak During Peak Season

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Every company will approach peak season a bit differently, but here are some key tips that will help lead you towards success.

A major key to a successful holiday season for your business is to craft an informed product strategy. Your company must establish an approach geared toward an evolving transportation market. This means being able to gather the facts, assemble a plan, and be willing to adjust and adapt. Every company will approach peak season a… Read more »

3 Ways to Diversify Your Client Base

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ClientDiversification waystodiversifyyourclientbase

Today’s business world requires frequent strategizing to keep up with the competition, including diversifying your client base. For England Logistics’ agents, this is particularly important. Absolute reliance on one group of clients can quickly expose your book of business to vulnerability. Profit will likely fluctuate if your single client group suddenly withdraws. Similarly, a change… Read more »

Setting Yourself Apart During Challenging Times

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person highlighted standing out in crowd with text setting yourself apart during challenging times

One of the key challenges and unique factors impacting the third-party logistics industry (3PL), is in providing a service that isn’t readily visible. However, acting as a 3PL enables you to differentiate yourself from a carrier in many ways. One way to stand out as a value-add provider is to successfully establish yourself as an… Read more »

Prospecting & Selling: Keys to Building Your Business

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prospecting and selling keys to building your business

Building a business is never easy. If it were, everyone would do it. The most important thing you can do to grow your business is prospecting well and persistently selling to new and current customers alike. The sales process is a predictable, repeatable process that you will use over and over again. There are no… Read more »

The Value of a Customer Business Review

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the value of a customer business review

In today’s world of transportation, carriers and third party logistics (3PL) companies alike are looking to create value for their customers. The customer business review (CBR) has been a go-to resource for many organizations, and for good reason. Its value in a variety of areas is both undeniable and measurable. 3PLs have long seen CBRs… Read more »

Proactive vs Reactive Customer Service

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Proactive vs reactive customer service

In an industry with varying levels of expectations, it’s important to remember that high caliber customer service looks different in the eyes of each customer. One may prefer email while another may favor a call or text. Some may choose quarterly business reviews and others may select weekly updates. However, despite all the differences, there… Read more »

How to Establish Strategic Relationships with Customers

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How to Establish Strategic Communications with Customers

Relationships matter. Even in today’s fast paced and high-tech environment, relationships continue to have a crucial impact on freight brokering. Agents that establish a strategic relationship with customers and carriers will often have the most business growth and long-term sustainability with their book of business. As a freight agent you may ask yourself many questions… Read more »

Creating Supply Chain Flexibility and Resilience

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Creating Supply Chain Flexibility and Resilience DHL

Written by Greg Hewitt, DHL Blog   Your business’s ability to reach new audiences and markets – and to deliver high-quality service to those it already serves – depends on the strength and resilience of your supply chain. A flexible supply chain that gives you options is clearly preferable to one that doesn’t adapt and… Read more »

Understanding Incoterms 2020: Learn the Language of Trade

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Written by Phillip Poland, DHL Blog   Sometimes the most difficult part of negotiating an international contract is the language barrier.  English is a second language for many of us and we do not all speak the same “English”.  Wouldn’t it be great to cut through the English language barrier and reach common ground when… Read more »