prospecting and selling keys to building your business

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Building a business is never easy. If it were, everyone would do it. The most important thing you can do to grow your business is prospecting well and persistently selling to new and current customers alike.

The sales process is a predictable, repeatable process that you will use over and over again. There are no shortcuts or magic bullets to building a business. If you work hard, work smart, and consistently follow the necessary steps you will be able to build your business and enjoy doing it. You must commit to doing the work and doing it consistently.

Often, we want to believe that selling and prospecting are the same, but they are two very different functions of the process. It’s important to understand the characteristics of each and how they impact your results.


The single most important activity in building your successful business is prospecting. There is nothing that will better ensure you have a thriving, profitable business. The act of prospecting is simply talking to people to see if they are interested in what you are selling. Are they a good fit for you and your business? Do they have a need you can fulfill? Are they interested?

Maintaining a steady sales funnel is the key to prospecting. Establishing a clear understanding of your ideal customer and consistent management of your funnel teaches you to identify good prospects versus those that are less desirable. The more prospects you have in your funnel the quicker you will be able to identify those to walk away from. Avoid forcing those that are not a good fit.


The most successful business owners know the value of building relationships and how to set goals to create them. From prospecting to door knocks, to phone work, sales meetings, and beyond, they know how many doors they need to knock, or calls they need to make, to convert a customer. They set measurable goals and expectations for themselves, and ensure they do the work to accomplish them. They also track the time spent on each customer relationship to ensure each interaction is profitable.

When selling, always show your value. Don’t just sell your product, sell yourself! Take time to get to know your customer and build a relationship. Ask strategic questions. What is it that they need? What is working with their current situation and what isn’t? Get the entire picture of the customers current experience and challenges before you sell. Never assume you know the customer’s needs. Always ask.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you sell, selling is selling and you can’t get far unless you do the work. Remember, keep it simple. Ask questions to see where you fit into their business, sell you, move on from bad business and always ask for the business.

Happy hunting!


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