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England Carrier Services’ (ECS) Fuel program can help your company save money with low transaction fees and discounts on fuel. The ECS Fuel program has the largest network in the country, offering discounts at locations nationwide.

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    We Have Freight. Let Us Help You Find It.

    We have freight opportunities available for our fuel customers, and we’ve developed a system so you can take advantage of this opportunity. In order to match your company with available loads, you will need to submit important data such as DOT/MC numbers and preferred lane info via an online form.

    ECS Fuel Advantages

    Gain access to a discounted fuel network with Love’s, TA and Petro.

    Collect discounts at over 900 locations.

    Utilize your ECS Fuel card at all in-network locations.

    Use with EFS and Fleet One branded cards.

    Load your fuel card 24/7 for free.

    Receive a line of credit as a qualifying carrier.


    Getting discounts on fuel nationwide with our ECS fuel card doesn't need to be difficult. Signing up only takes four easy steps.


    Call 1-800-848-7810 or fill out the form below to speak with an ECS Fuel Account Manager.

    SET UP

    The ECS Fuel Account Manager will help set you up with the best card customized to meet the needs of your business.


    Set your personal restrictions and limitations on drivers’ cards.


    Receive your cards in the mail and begin fueling!


    Our purpose in the ECS family is to share our significant discounts and benefits with you to help you better control your fuel spend and focus on your future fleet growth. We do this by providing smart solutions to meet your fuel needs.

    ECS Fuel offers a customizable fuel card program that allows for comprehensive management options. We provide you with free online access to your ECS fuel card balances and extensive reports indicating driver’s fuel purchases (location, amount, price, etc.).

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