best steer tires for trucks

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According to tire experts, steer tires are the most critical tires on your truck. Period.

Steer tires handle the brunt of the truck’s weight when braking and cornering. They determine your steering and handling performance entirely.

Long story short: When picking out steer tires for your rig, you won’t want to compromise on the treads that are directly under your feet.

So, what are the very best steer tires for trucks?

best steer tires for trucks

With the largest selection of name-brand tires in the industry, England Carrier Services is familiar with the entire suite of steer tires on the market. We’ve had the opportunity to observe the performance of these tires over several years.

Over time, one steer tire has proven to stand out among the rest for exceptional durability, outstanding fuel efficiency, and unbeatable mileage. The best part?

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Best Steer Tires for Trucks

Without question, the Michelin Xline Energy Z+ (XLEZ+) is the best steer tire for trucks.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • The XLEZ+ is designed to reach up to 1 million miles with up to 4 retreads. That’s more ‘extra miles’ than other steer tires across the industry.
  • The XLEZ+ goes 17% farther than its predecessor… and its predecessor goes 20% farther than other baseline steer tires.
  • The XLEZ+ has 12% better rolling resistance than its predecessor. Better rolling resistance means greater fuel efficiency for fewer dollars at the pump.

The XLEZ+ simply saves truckers more money than other steer tires. How does the XLEZ+ perform so much better?

Short answer: The XLEZ+ was designed to be the best steer tire for trucks.


What Makes the XLEZ+ the Best?

The XLEZ+ has several unique functions.

  • ‘Infini-coil’ tech means 1/8-mile steel cables are wrapped around the belt packaging for maximum protection and more even wear.
  • ‘Powercoil’ tech includes a steel belt infused with rubber cables for uniquely durable casing.
  • ‘Regenion’ tech involves grooves that open as the tread wears for even more excellent mileage.

The XLEZ+ is the best steer tire for trucks. Despite it being a premium, tier-one tire, you can get the Xline Energy Z+ at a reduced price by filling out the form below.



    Your steer tires are the most important tires on your rig. Go farther and save more with the industry’s best steer tire for trucks, the Xline Energy Z+.


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