Developing relationships with shippers and carriers can help make your day-to-day work more positive as you continue interacting with them.

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Developing solid relationships with those you work with is vital to success in any industry. Cultivating relationships with shippers and carriers is essential for success in the shipping industry. Both groups are critical to your business, and getting to know individuals from both groups better will help make your work environment more positive, more efficient, and encourage growth.


Positivity and Goodwill

Developing relationships with shippers and carriers can help make your day-to-day work more positive as you continue interacting with them. Getting to know these individuals better will make you look forward to talking to them and conducting business. Shippers and carriers will feel the care you put into your relationship with them, and they will want to continue to do business with you. When you enjoy the people you are working with and are invested in your relationship with them, you will find an increase in positivity and goodwill as time goes on.


Efficiency and Growth

Building relationships with shippers and carriers can also increase efficiency. If you have an established relationship with that shipper or carrier, you will know what to expect from them, and your interactions will go smoother. You will likely already know their needs and be able to anticipate potential issues that could come up throughout your business transactions. One result of a carrier or shipper noticing your attention to detail or efficiency is that they will probably spread the word about your excellent service. This can help you grow your client base.


Retention and Expansion

Your relationships with shippers and carriers impact more than just your business that day. Developing relationships that shippers and carriers depend on and appreciate can increase the retention of both groups. This can help expand the services you are able to offer them. The better the experience is the longer they will choose to work with you.


Steps to Get There

One way to start developing relationships with shippers and carriers is by listening to their needs and remembering them. You may want to keep notes on your interactions so you can refer to what has been discussed and then better prepare for future conversations.

Another way to develop strong relationships is through engaging with them personally. Asking about their day or about how they are doing can be a great way to break the ice and have a more friendly relationship. Not just going straight to business can help your conversations feel more personal and individualized. This can show carriers and shippers that you care about them and are invested in their business.

This article about building stronger client relationships has some great tips to apply to shippers and carriers.


Strong relationships with shippers and carriers have a lot of advantages to your day-to-day work. They can keep the environment more positive as you look forward to communicating with them and it can make your conversations and workflow more efficient. Developing relationships that have these qualities can grow your client base and expand the services you offer to current clients.



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