CVSA Roadcheck 2024

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With the CVSA Roadcheck 2024 only two weeks away (May 14-16), carriers are moving urgently to prepare their rigs for inspection.

This year’s focus is on tractor protection systems and alcohol and controlled substance possession. With cargo theft rising at an alarming rate, the inspection will serve as a welcome opportunity for carriers to avoid disaster.

In addition to these focus areas, inspectors will also evaluate the general condition of your rig. Tires are typically an area of close evaluation.

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    For all other needs, here are the fastest ways to prepare your rig for the CVSA Roadcheck 2024.


    What to Check for Tractor Protection Systems for CVSA Roadcheck 2024

    According to these inspection steps provided by the CVSA, here are the best steps you can take immediately to prepare for the tractor protection system inspection:

    • Ensure that you have wheel chocks on hand.
    • Listen and feel closely for leaking air at the gladhand couplers.
    • Have a full-service brake application on hand.
    • Listen for leaks on both airlines.


    Controlled Substance and Other Checks

    To prepare for the controlled substance portion of the inspection,

    • Always drive sober.
    • Do not store alcohol or controlled substances in the cab or trailer of your rig.

    Though straightforward, violations of this variety are particularly severe.

    For all other modes of the inspection, consider the following:

    • Review that your license, Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and Skill Performance Certificate are all up to date.
    • Verify that your hours of service are current.
    • Ensure your tires are inflated and not overworn. Replace them if necessary.
    • Inspect for chips or wear in your brakes and brake padding.
    • Follow typical cargo securement protocol.
    • Check that lighting fixtures are functioning.

    Review the North American Standard Inspection here for all other elements of the inspection that may require more time to update.

    The CVSA Roadcheck 2024 is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to be prepared. By checking up on the essential elements of your tractor protection system, aligning with standards regarding controlled substances, and evaluating your truck for proper performance, you can feel comfortable when the time for inspection rolls around.


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