Building trust with clients is essential to success as a salesperson. One sales tactic that can help is consultative selling.

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Building trust with clients is essential to success as a salesperson. One sales tactic that can help is consultative selling. This method works to strengthen the relationship you have with clients and can show the client that you care about getting them the solutions that will be in their best interest.


What is Consultative Selling?

Consultative selling is a sales technique where the salesperson positions themself as a curious advisor rather than pushing for the sale or focusing on price. Offering various solutions to customers’ pain points can help build trust. Showing you are committed to supporting the client to find a solution that works best for them can help deepen relationships and help build rapport.


When Should I Use Consultative Selling?

The consultative selling approach is great when your client has done some research but isn’t sure what solution will work best for them and their business.

If they are too early in the selling pipeline, you will need to act more as an informant than an advice giver. If they are approaching a purchasing decision, it will be harder to learn more about their needs and pain points as they will be focused on the solution they have already selected.

The right client at the right time is key to implementing this sales tactic.


How Can I Get Started?

Learning about your client is one of the best things you can do to use the consultative selling strategy. Knowing what they see as their main pain points and ways to solve problems can help you offer advice and come across as a genuinely curious and helpful individual.

It may seem obvious, but listening to the client is key to this strategy. Asking questions to understand their situation better is essential but actively listening to answers and responding thoughtfully is even more crucial to success.

Avoid trying to sell on price. As tempting as it can be to launch straight into the financial aspects of your product it can be dissuading for your client. Instead, lean into how your product can solve the client’s problems and address their pain points.


Once you have some information about the client offering your honest and genuine advice is all you need to do. You will come across more as a friend and helpful resource than someone trying to sell something. Offering various solutions can show that you care about the client and are invested in their best interest, even if they are not a good fit for your product or service. Even if the sale doesn’t work out, the client will remember your thoughtful approach and may come to you in the future.