Value-based selling is a strategy that can be very effective and can help you to build strong relationships with prospects.

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alue-based selling is a sales strategy where the worth of your solution to a prospect’s pain points takes center stage. Taking the personalized approach to address how the product relieves pain points rather than selling based on price or the general benefits or features of a product or service can help your client see the value of your offering.


Know Your Client

The first step in value-based selling is to understand your client’s pain points and why they are looking for your services in the first place. Knowing what your client is looking for and why will help you to address their concerns and show the worth of your solution in a personalized way. A unique plan to address their transportation needs will make shippers feel cared for and can help build trust and loyalty throughout the rest of the buying process. Each shipper and load is different and will require a unique approach to achieve success.


Become a Consultant

With the knowledge gained about your client, it is important to position yourself as an advisor. The tone and nature of your relationship with a potential client are essential to value-based selling. Showing the value of your services by providing advice unique to your client’s needs rather than emphasizing price or trying to push the sale offers a more laid-back environment where your client can feel listened to. The consultative approach can also help you to gather more information that will allow you to showcase the worth of your product. Acting as a consultant can give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the freight market and show the shippers that you work with that you can answer their questions and help them get the services they need.


Provide a New Perspective

Another way to strengthen the value-based selling framework is by offering a new perspective to your prospective clients. As you have listened to their freight needs and gotten to know them better, you may have noticed a problem they have that they have not considered or an opportunity for your services to benefit them that isn’t directly obvious. Being able to provide unanticipated solutions and new perspectives not only shows your expertise but also the value of your product. In Escaping the Price-Driven Sale by Tom Snyder, he elaborates on this idea saying, “Sellers must bring to the benefit of the buyer insights that the buyer cannot achieve on their own.” Showing the value of your advice and your offerings is not only beneficial to your strategy but essential as well.


Value-based selling is a strategy that can be very effective and can help you to build strong relationships with prospects. This relationship growth builds trust and will allow you to showcase your expertise and the value of your shipping services. Uncovering value and demonstrating the worth of your offerings can help you to stand out from competitors and to provide a personalized solution for your clients.


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