Organization, communication and freight management are all important and technology provides tools for these to enhance client relationships.

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Building client relationships is essential to a successful business which means it is vital to have the right tools for the job. Technology can help get you equipped to serve your clients with tools geared toward organization, communication, and freight management all at your fingertips. Using these resources can help you to increase efficiency and enhance the client experience.


Organization Tools

Organization may seem like a small concern compared to the stack of day-to-day tasks that require your attention. However, spending some time to organize can help everything else go smoother. Technology provides many organizational tools you can utilize to better serve your clients. Keeping notes and emails organized in digital folders can help you pull the information you need quickly to help your client. A cluttered inbox can be difficult to search through and could result in lost conversations. There is no one way to organize the information you need, so take some time to find a system that will work best for you.

Additionally, setting reminders on your phone or through Outlook to give your clients a call or send them a message can help you to stay on top of communication and show that you are attentive to their needs. You can set a recurring message to remind you to prepare for a regular meeting or to reach out consistently to clients.


Communication Tools

Most of the time, anyone you want to talk to is only a few clicks away. Tools like Zoom and Teams allow you to speak face-to-face and share any documents or presentations with your client at the same time. Utilizing these tools meaningfully is important, and even frequent users may be able to get more out of their experience. Learning keyboard shortcuts, search keywords, and other tips and tricks can help you to stay on top of important conversations and information.

Effectively communicating both online and in person shows your client you are reliable and able to adapt to their needs. Taking a consistent and active role in facilitating conversations about a client’s needs can build trust, foster loyalty, and create lasting relationships. Although the convenience of this technology can lead to more flexibility for meetings and calls, it should not take away from efforts to meet in person when possible.


Freight Management Tools

In addition to remaining organized and communicating effectively, technology can help you manage freight at each stage of the shipping process. England Logistics’ agents have access to Atlas Now, Trucker Tools, and Smart Capacity to help match freight and provide real-time tracking information to clients. Utilizing these tools helps to make your workflow more efficient and gives you access to a large network of carriers and greater visibility for your loads.


Utilizing technology can help you to show value to your clients, help build relationships, and increase efficiency. Organization, communication, and freight management are all important to the success of your business, and technology provides tools to help with each of these categories.


The England Logistics Freight Agent Program provides companies with information and tools to expand and allow them to manage their business. Backed by the England Logistics brand, participating agents enjoy increased market visibility and established business connections. Our dedicated team also delivers consistent support for day-to-day operations. This allows freight agents to expand their portfolios while being reinforced by a reliable team.