what is a freight agent

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In the logistics world, there are endless hats to be worn to keep the supply chain running. Many of those hats are worn by freight brokers. But what is a freight agent?

Freight brokers act as a kind of ‘matchmaker’ for shippers and transportation companies. By negotiating rates and identifying the right carrier for the job, freight brokers provide excellent utility and profit from a portion of the agreed-upon contract.

By nature of their position, freight brokers have great control over their book of business and are often well-compensated. In many ways, independent freight agents enjoy many of these same benefits on a greater scale.

Sounds great, right? So, the question is… what exactly is an independent freight agent?


What is a Freight Agent?

An authorized freight agent is a freight broker that operates on behalf of an organization. In exchange for a portion of the profit, freight agents gain access to many tools of the organization while still enjoying the autonomy of maintaining an independent business.


Why Become an Authorized Freight Agent?

You should consider becoming a freight agent if you are interested in rapidly growing your freight business while still enjoying autonomy in your daily operations.

Independent freight agents that are authorized by an organization experience a variety of benefits. Some of the most common include:

  • Access to the expansive network of a large organization.
  • Back-office support to streamline the administrative burden of running a business.
  • Legal support in an inherently complicated business.
  • Access to multi-modal product offerings.
  • Resources for industry education and training.
  • Technological integrations to promote smoother operations.
  • …etc.

The benefits that an organization can offer will often supercharge the growth of a freight broker’s business. For independent freight agents, they reason that this growth will exceed the portion of the profits offered to the organization.


How to Become a Freight Agent

If you’ve already started a freight brokerage, you’re only a few clicks away from becoming an authorized agent. Organizations like England Logistics provide an expansive suite of benefits, offer industry-wide credibility, and a hiring process to help you get started in days.

To get started with the England Logistics Authorized Agent Program, fill out the form below.


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