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Yes, there were earthquakes. And yes, the pandemic of 2020 is more far-reaching than most could have anticipated. But there are also window-posters, and community outreaches, and charity drives, and optimism, and perhaps most prominently, there is unity as individuals came together for the good of their communities.

Many have correctly observed that, holistically, the nature of business has been permanently altered by the events of 2020. Though a host of unfortunate events relating to these changes has been obvious, there have also been a number of positive epiphanies that have reshaped what we label as business.

England Logistics is one such example of a business that pioneered positive adjustments in response to the unique circumstances. In implementing these changes, significant lessons are being learned as a company, and as individuals.

Of the dozens of takeaways that could be cited in relation to COVID-19 thus far, here are those that have had the greatest influence on our company, and especially our people.


1. Adversity can be fortifying.

Believing in growth through adversity is a pretty fundamental ideal of humanity, but even nature possesses evidence that hardship can be a good thing.

Botanists have discovered that when trees are subject to harsh winds, a chemical reaction occurs that signals the roots to grow thicker and stronger. Frequent storms can cause a tree to become more durable as they adapt.

Similarly, a team that undergoes challenging conditions can become more adaptive, creative and skilled in their trade.

Shaun, executive vice president of logistics services, makes the following comment in response to the gales of COVID-19:


“I think this has just strengthened our team. I think it’s helped us come together in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise come together. I think there’s folks interacting with folks they wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with. There’s that shared camaraderie that, hey, we made it through this together, we are going to be stronger as a result.”


Just as this binding force of adversity is the champion of tenacity and grit, it also comprises the fibers of a unified culture.


2. Optimism unites us.

As referenced in previous installments of this blog series, in a corporate landscape that unites a collection of culturally, socially, and occupationally unique individuals, a determination to see the good, and contribute to its realization, is a staple attribute of our team members.

Jason, president of England Logistics, made a similar observation:


“I love that in our leadership ranks, we are totally aligned [in optimism]. We share that commonality. We share that viewpoint. We share that approach to life and that creates a trust in dynamic that is truly irreplaceable and has me counting blessings on a daily basis to be rubbing shoulders with you guys.”


With optimism at the forefront of our approach to the pandemic, a happy and emotionally prosperous culture is maintained.


3. We have an obligation to be better.

With such a strong opportunity for personal growth, it now becomes a matter of individual responsibility to secure it.

Jason notes the tragedy that such a rejection of that opportunity would be:


“Wouldn’t it be a shame, when all is said and done, if we came through it–WHEN we come through it– if we didn’t take those things and it meant something differently to us? We all should be different after these events, and when I say different, I mean better human beings as a result.”


With a world of opportunity before us, standing by a spirit of optimism, hard work, and the remaining values comprising the England Logistics culture, will forever influence the trajectory of our progression.

And in determining the direction of that trajectory, we anticipate that we’ll keep Moving Logistics Forward.




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