Fuel Prices and Other Good News for 2023

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trucking industry forecast 2023

We tip our cap to the drivers who have kept trucking through the last several years. Your drive a nation through some tough times. You went the extra mile(s) when we needed you most. Now, things are looking up. Though the industry will continuously evolve, there is strong evidence for good things to come in… Read more »

California Storms: What Roads are being Affected?

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california delays

When it rains on California roads, it pours. If you haven’t heard, the Golden State has been receiving records amounts of rain for the last two weeks. Though the rain has come in moderate volumes, the unrelenting downpour has proven to be “10,000 small cuts” across the state. The flooding can be attributed to the… Read more »

Passengers: What are the Rules for Truck Drivers?

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rules for truck driver passengers

Loneliness is the undisputed, number one reason for poor mental health in truckers. This is a sad and dangerous truth, especially considering loneliness’s very serious medical dangers. There is good news, though: Truckers can carry passengers if they abide by specific regulations outlined by the FMSCA. Consider filling your passenger seat with a companion for… Read more »

Emergency Hours of Service Exemptions You Should Know for 2023

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To ensure you aren't missing any we’ve compiled some of the recent emergency hours of service exemptions you should know for 2023.

Whenever the supply chain is under significant strain, the FMCSA works hard to ensure exemptions are made. The conclusion of 2022 brought about some unique challenges for truckers. The FMCSA issued several exemptions extending into the new year to combat the effects of challenging market conditions. To ensure you are aware of any qualifying exemptions… Read more »

What To Do in a Truck Accident

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What to Do in a Truck Accident

Accidents of any variety can be traumatizing, terrifying, and life-changing. With most semi-trucks clocking at 35,000 pounds with an empty trailer, knowing what to do in a truck accident can be overwhelming. As a trucker, you go to enormous lengths to keep yourself and others safe, but accidents happen in an imperfect world. If you… Read more »

What Truck Stops are Open on Major Holidays?

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what truck stops are open

Santa isn’t the only one feeling the strain during the most wonderful time of the year. While most Americans are snuggling up by the fire, truckers are hard at work to make the holidays merry and bright. Demand takes a significant hike around the holiday season, and carriers are often on the road to make… Read more »

The Science Behind Winter Tires

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how do winter tires work

As the snow begins to fall, it’s no doubt that carrier inboxes all seem to collect the same message: Buy winter tires or face the consequences. With all the hubbub about winter tires, you have probably asked yourself: Do winter tires make that much difference? How do winter tires work? For such a significant purchase,… Read more »

Tax Deductions for Truckers: What to Know

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tax deductions for truckers

Perhaps more than ever, truckers need some financial relief. With many overhead costs hitting all-time highs in 2022, expenses must be mitigated at every chance to maintain a healthy bottom line. Fortunately, tax deductions for truckers can be pretty substantial. With the right know-how and a little time, carriers may save hundreds. Though research and… Read more »