Thanksgiving Traffic Tips

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Here are some ways to beat the Thanksgiving traffic and keep you in the holiday spirit even if you are celebrating from the road.

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and gratitude. It is also among the busiest travel weeks of the year. AAA predicts that around 56.4 million people will travel 50 miles or more during the holiday this year. That can make for extra traffic and congestion along major highways. Here are some ways to beat the… Read more »

Carrier Resource: Freight, Fuel Discounts and More

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Our team hopes to be able to provide unique value to freight seekers. Enter Atlas Now, the England Logistics load board.

As freight slowdowns only compound issues for America’s backbone, new tools are emerging for hard-pressed drivers to rise above the market. As carriers continue to seek shrinking freight in a competitive market, our team hopes to be able to provide unique value to freight seekers, and to those looking to loosen up their budget. Enter… Read more »

Veterans in Trucking

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veterans in trucking

Happy Veteran’s Day! While so much of Veteran’s Day is rightfully spent celebrating the priceless sacrifices of our veterans, what about the ongoing contributions of veterans in trucking? Long after their service, military veterans are still making an enormous impact in their respective spheres—but especially in the trucking world. Did you know that more than… Read more »

What Do Americans Really Think of Truckers?

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Truckers are vital to America and of course, people are kind by and large, but what do Americans really think of truckers?

As the lifeblood of a nation, sometimes truckers can end up feeling bruised. Of course, people are kind by and large, but that got us thinking—what do Americans really think of truckers? Fortunately, Trucking Moves America Forward, a national movement for education, recently organized a survey to discover what Americans really think of truckers. Here’s… Read more »

Trucker Ghost Stories

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We are raising a terrifying tribute to trucker's creepiest encounters. Prepare for some of the spookiest trucker ghost stories.

There’s something eerie about the forgotten. Old theme parks, deserted rest stops, and lonely motels are the perfect venue for something… unsettling. Think about it—when’s the last time you heard a ghost story about a Starbucks at rush hour? Even though latte-crazed commuters can be just as scary, every good campfire tale begins with a… Read more »

What Are the Toughest Hauls in Trucking?

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When the challenges of trucking are intensified by some of the toughest hauls, you can make big profits… and big accidents!

It’s no secret—trucking can be tough. Long hours, strict deadlines, and time away from home can make it difficult for some to stay driven. Trucking isn’t one-dimensional though. In an industry that moves anything from milk to mansions, there is a huge spectrum of difficulty for haulers. With the appeal of higher pay for more… Read more »

Hurricane Ian: How Can Truckers Help?

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If you’re feeling the desire to put your shoulder to the wheel, here are a few ways you can help with the relief efforts for Hurricane Ian.

In terms of hurricanes, Ian was nearly as bad as it gets. Just 2 MPH (3.2 KPH) short of a category 5 hurricane, Hurricane Ian was the deadliest storm in the United States since 1935. Ian recently tore through Florida and regions of the southeastern United States and Cuba, leaving carnage in its wake. TV,… Read more »

Best Things to Have in Your Semi-Truck

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Considerthesebestthingstohaveinyoursemi truckthenexttimeyouheadout;youjustmightbegladyoudid.

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve forgotten something, but you aren’t sure what it is? That kind of feeling can bother you all day especially when you won’t be home for a while. Getting prepared to head out on the road is important and packing all the essentials is necessary to have a good… Read more »

Fraud Alert: Skimming and Shimming

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skimming and shimming

With fuel prices continuing to make headlines, scammers are pioneering new ways to pick your pockets at the pump. Here’s how.   What are Skimming and Shimming? By planting a special device on a fuel pump terminal, thieves can collect credit card information. Skimming refers to the collection of information via a swipe terminal and… Read more »