Are Retreads Safe

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Retreads are tires that have had their worn tread replaced with a new one to prolong a tire’s life, and to some, they are a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly way to drive.

But is that true?

Retreads have sometimes carried a negative connotation for being inferior to new tires in terms of performance and safety. Many wonder: Are retreads safe? Are retreads cost-effective?

Here are a few science-backed answers to frequently asked questions about retreads.


Are Retreads Safe?

Short answer: Yes, retreads are perfectly safe.

The US government evaluated the safety of tire retreads on a few different occasions. Most notably, the “Commercial Medium Tire Debris Study” determined that retreads possess no greater risk to safety than new tires if proper maintenance is conducted.

Furthermore, and contrary to popular belief, road debris can be attributed to tire retreads just as frequently as regular tires.


Do Retreads Save You Money?

Short answer: Yes, retreads provide significant savings.

One of the best advantages of retreads is just how much they can save you. In comparison to regular tires, retreads can cost 30 to 50 percent less. For one of trucking’s three primary most expenses, savings of this gravity can be huge in terms of the bottom line.


Are Retreads Bad for the Environment?

Short answer: Retreads are even better for the environment than normal tires.

Many of the world’s largest fleets use retreads for their sustainability. In terms of economic impact, retreads can reduce the volume of landfill times by 3-4x!

Aside from a significant reduction of waste, retreads also provide these benefits as well:

  • 24% reduction in C02 emissions.
  • 24% reduction in natural resource extraction.
  • 19% reduction in water consumption.
  • 21% reduction in air pollution.
  • 29% reduction in land use.


Do Retreads Perform Like New Tires?

Short-answer: Yes, studies have shown identical performance.

When retreads are given proper maintenance, a retread performance study found no difference in the durability of retreads versus new tires. Like regular tires, the factors influencing performance pertain to damage, repair quality, and manufacturing quality.

So… are retreads safe? Retreads are a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective way to keep your rubber on the road. If you’re looking to trim one of your major expenses and expand your bottom line, tire retreads are one of the best ways to move your fleet forward.

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