4 Reasons Why Factoring Helps Your Trucking Business

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Benefits of Factoring and Fuel for Trucking Business

Since July 2018, more than 64% of carriers that arranged freight through our full-truckload brokerage documented a relationship with a trucking factoring company. Between July 2017 and June 2018, only 59% of carriers reported a relationship with a factoring company. This represents a 8.5% increase in one year. This method of handling accounts receivables has… Read more »

Why is Truck Maintenance Important?

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Truck maintenance is important to keep your truck on the road

When it comes to semi-trucks and industrial trucks, both should be looked at as heavy-duty vehicles or heavy equipment. Especially when it comes to caring for those vehicles. These trucks experience extreme wear and tear every day. They transport heavy loads in hot and cold temperatures, and the number of miles driven can eventually add… Read more »

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Budget for Your Business

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One of the most important tools in any business owner’s arsenal is their budget. A budget will allow you to set and achieve your goals and compensate for any losses along the way. This is especially true when you’re in the often volatile transportation business. A budget can seem overwhelming, but it is simple and… Read more »

Managing the Risks of Road Service

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If you’ve been in the transportation industry for any amount of time, you have experienced some sort of drivability issue while on the road. Whether it’s a blown-out tire or mechanical issue, operating issues can be stressful and dangerous. Most companies have policies against pulling over on the shoulder of the road unless there’s a… Read more »

Take Advantage of Tax Deductions

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As the end of the financial year quickly approaches, don’t wait too long to capitalize on all of your eligible tax deductions. Most expenses related to running your business can be tax deductible. It’s important to remember that these deductions apply to carriers who are operating under independent authority as well as for carriers who… Read more »

How to Choose a Top Tire Installation Company

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Despite being a significant safety feature on a truck, tires are one of the least understood components of a vehicle. This lack of awareness can be attributed to the vast amount of tire brands with little associated information about their many different products. Tires provide the sole connection between your truck and the road. If… Read more »

Dirty Diesel Fuel

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Dirty diesel. What is it? Why should you care? Dirty diesel fuel is fuel that has built up sludge, slime, grime, and is likely not fit for use. Diesel fuel that has been sitting in storage tanks for long periods of time without proper testing or treatment starts to go bad. This is the stuff… Read more »

Increasing Your Tire Savings

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Increasing Your Tire Savings | Replacing vs. Retreading & Tire Casing

Fleet operations are hectic and tire maintenance can easily be overlooked. However, taking proper care of your tires could save your budget. Here are some simple tips for maintaining tires and getting the most out of your purchase.   Replace or Retread Tires? A common misconception is that when a tire is bald or worn,… Read more »

CVSA Safe Driver Week

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CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week

It’s that time of year again!  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is conducting their annual Safe Driver Week on July 14th-20th. Partnering with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the CVSA is dedicating the week to the improvement of unsafe driving behavior by encouraging law personnel to be on the lookout for reckless driving…. Read more »