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The allure of success can cause many to be endlessly hungry, always chasing their next big ambition, but never quite filled.

In my conversation with Sam, I sensed something different. In his descriptions of success, there was a certain fulfillment that accompanied his work. In his quest to help others, improve one percent every day, and be a good dad, his goal is not out of reach. Every day, Sam succeeds in accomplishing what is most significant.

Aside from good work habits, we can learn from Sam’s unusual approach to success: By living for others, we can be our best selves.

Sam came to England Logistics in 2019 as a business development manager. Sam was promoted to account manager 1, then 2, and 3 by June of 2020. In February of 2021, Sam hit the major milestone of senior account manager. Finally, Sam became a logistics coach in February 2022 and continues to grow his team.

EL: Sam, it’s an honor to sit down with you. As a titan of our culture here at the Salt Lake office, I am anxious to hear how you’ve made such an impact. Can you walk me through your progression at EL?

Sam: I started as a business development manager in 2019.

I had a strong reason why I wanted success. I just pushed hard. I quickly progressed through different sales promotions until I eventually became a logistics coach. I’ve loved working with the new business development managers to be able to help them and answer their questions.

EL: As you’ve made that progression to logistics coach, what are some things that have characterized your journey at EL?

Sam: Honestly, it’s just one of those companies you put your game face on, you work hard and the company rewards those who work hard. Compensation plans are in place for those who work hard. The sky is the limit.

One thing that I really love is our company philosophy, COACHTeam. I’ve become very passionate about it. I love that you can put in your absolute all and see corresponding results.

EL: It’s good to see individuals like you making great use of that philosophy. I’d like to go back and talk a little about your passion for helping other business development managers. Why did you want to become a coach?

Sam: I have a passion for England Logistics, including everything we have discussed so far. I came here with everything to win and nothing to lose. I was fighting hard just to create my own success.

Somewhere in the process, when we’d have new hires come in, I’d be excited about the sales and England. As new business development managers began to ask me questions, I loved to see the excitement in their eyes.

One of my greatest sources of inspiration was Lance and Jordan. Both of those guys are great at inspiring others and inspiring passion in my work. I can say that that passion for me was sparked because of those two. They made me want to be my best and then to help others.

EL: It’s always cool to see a chain of inspiration happening. What about outside of England logistics? What do you like to do?

Sam: I like to fish. Most people don’t know that I am an avid fisherman. If someone told me that I could fish for as long as I wanted for a day, I would probably start at sunup, go ‘till dark, and be on the water the whole day.

I love fishing, but first and foremost, I love spending time with my wife and daughter. They’re my absolute world. They are my why. It’s why I do things and get up in the mornings when I come to work: 100 percent of that is fueled by a desire to create a life for them.

EL: That’s beautiful. I’m anticipating this might have something to do with the previous answer, but what are some of your proudest accomplishments?

Sam: Honestly, I think my proudest accomplishment is my daughter. We started at England Logistics to be able to afford fertility treatments. We fought for seven years to have kids, and we finally got lucky and we had our little girl. It was everything to us. I’m a happy father that dotes over his daughter. Marrying my wife and having my daughter are my greatest accomplishments.

EL: That’s a long time coming! It’s so awesome that England was able to play a role in that story. I can’t imagine a more noble why.

You talked about fishing being something that not everyone knows about you. Is there anything else that others might not know about you?

Sam: I have eight sisters and no brothers.


Sam: Yep.

EL: Where do you fall in that?

Sam: Number seven. I grew up on a goat dairy. I also competed professionally for the US in dance, so.

EL: No way! What form of dance?

Sam: Ballroom. Breakdance. A little bit of everything. I got lucky because my ability to dance is one reason my wife fell in love with me.

EL: I don’t blame her. You’ve got a lot going for you in your life. When are you ultimately happiest?

Sam: I’d say it’s two parts for me. When I am able to give 100 percent to my workday and feel like I have given a really solid day’s work, I feel fulfilled. My mentality is one percent better every day. I just want to go home to my wife and daughter and know that I’ve given my very best. I want to feel like I have worked hard for them.

EL: That’s beautiful. Tell me more about your desire to be one percent better every day. Why does that resonate with you?

Sam: That idea comes from a book called Atomic Habits. Nobody becomes a professional instantly. No one can become a pearl overnight. You work the grind, work as hard as possible, commit to giving it your all, and tell yourself that one percent a day will be a lot over time. I choose to do so out of gratitude to the company, to accomplish my goals, and to better myself to become a better father.

EL: If anything, this interview has demonstrated to me your strong internal drive to improve, which is admirable on its own. Which such a promising trajectory of success, where do you want to go from here?

Sam: So, to be honest with you, I want to continue to grow a killer team of salespeople. My goal is to see everyone on my team become senior account managers. I want to be a great logistics coach to help others be their best. I want them to be financially and professionally successful. And I want to continue to grow for my wife and kids and be the best dad I can possibly be.

EL: Well, it may be preemptive, but I think I should probably congratulate you because I feel like you’ve already attained that goal. I wish you all the success possible, for you, and for the sake of people you are committed to helping.


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