Podcast Network EP 19 | Culture Roundtable pt. 2

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Podcast Network Thriving Establishing a Resilient Culture | Leader Impact on Company Culture

Culture is certainly the product of deliberate effort, but the behavior of an organization’s leaders can be far more impactful than raffles or lunches. The roundtables discusses just how far-reaching the effects of emulation can be.       ### Don’t forget to download and subscribe to The England Logistics Podcast Network on iTunes, Spotify,… Read more »

Podcast Network EP 18 | Culture Roundtable pt. 1

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Podcast Network Thriving Establishing a Resilient Culture | Demands on the corporate world, remote work, changing market

The demands on the corporate world have been heavy: Extensive safety precautions, a historic leap to remote work, and an ever-changing market have demanded the priorities of most companies. In this flurry of unprecedented conditions, culture may easily be neglected as important, but not essential. Listen to a roundtable of industry leaders discuss what happens… Read more »

Can Gratitude Breed Success?

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It’s a tried and true principle: gratitude makes people happy. Just ask Harvard [1], Psychology Today [2], and Oprah [3]. There’s something in our neurochemistry that craves a thankful perspective. But how far-reaching does the power of gratitude extend? Certainly counting your blessings has other dividends beside a good mood. Please don’t misunderstand, happiness is… Read more »

Why Being a Team Player is the Best Move for your Career

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two men exchanging puzzle piece with text why being a team player is the best move for your career

Picture in your mind the most collaborative individual at your company. This employee is likely to always contribute to meetings, and is then anxious to hear the contributions of their peers. They probably crave feedback. This individual you’re thinking of is also probably in leadership, or some cultural role. They are likely to be successful…. Read more »

Using One-on-Ones as a Coaching Tool

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one on ones as a coaching tool

  When working in a business, setting clear expectations between an individual team member and his/her leader is foundational to effective performance. However, continued and regular follow-up, and supportive coaching, is critical to sustained success. The strongest approach to effective follow-up is a consistent cadence of one-on-one discussions between the employee and her/his leader. These… Read more »

4 Tips for Processing Tough Feedback

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Everybody knows the feeling: the word “feedback” enters the conversation, and instantly you can recall every error you’ve ever made since the third grade. While this reaction to feedback is standard, a staple of successful individuals is the capacity to process negative feedback positively and objectively. Consider these four tips in making the very best… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Accountability is a Staple of a Successful Person

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Accountability can be an intimidating term. Unfortunately, the word can often carry a negative connotation of justice, as in being accountable to one’s mistakes. Individuals that perceive accountability in this light may never reap the career-changing benefits of accountability. Just as an individual must responsibly own-up to their missteps, they are equally obligated to take… Read more »

The 3 Reasons Why Integrity in the Workplace will Always be in Demand

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I once worked closely with an individual that battled some enormous demons: depression, social anxiety, and insecurity were a few difficulties they battled daily, all culminating in debilitating episodes of isolation. Regardless of this person’s struggles, they were renowned in their work environment for one rare, remarkable talent: integrity. This individual never wavered from their… Read more »

Employee Spotlight – Chad

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employee chad smiling with son at disney world in front of millenium falcon

Chad is a creator. Undoubtedly his ad campaigns, cultural contributions and endless stream of graphics have, in a way, shaped the company; however, this is not Chad’s greatest or most enduring work. Chad builds things, but more importantly, he builds people. Consciously or not, his exhaustive example of hard work, not uncommonly characterized by staying… Read more »

7 Powerful Ways to Stay Focused at Work

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According to an accredited study performed by businessofapps.com, we receive approximately 46 notifications from our phones each day. And, if you’re just as obliged to a quick shot of dopamine as everyone else, this means you’ll probably reach for your phone immediately after your screen lights up. Though this barrage of distractions can certainly pose… Read more »