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Pre-COVID, we only had a handful of employees that worked from home. This week, I reached out to some of them since they are our “work from home pros” to see what tips they had incorporated to be successful in their roles. Here are three pro-tips that stood out:

Have a routine

  • Maintain a consistent schedule/routine.
    • Get up, shower, get dressed for work, grab breakfast, create daily task list, and get after it
      • Consistency is good for the mind and body.
      • Maintaining a consistent schedule ensures your reliability and availability to people that rely on you.
  • Maintain the same best practices you did while in the office.
    • An example is preparing a daily/weekly task list.  “I like to organize my day and have a game plan with set goals.” – Michelle, Senior Director of Strategic Development Administration

Take a break

  • “We come in early most of the time, if freight is not covered, and usually stay till it is covered, so it is easy to get burned out.  I have tried to force myself to take [a break] just to step away and breath. I feel so much better when I do this.” – Tracy, Senior Capacity Manager, FTL Brokerage

Hold yourself accountable

  • “My job duties hold me accountable and because I look at it as a privilege to work from home, I hold myself accountable. In my mind, I don’t want someone to think I am not doing what I am supposed to do. I think it takes a certain way of thinking in order to work from home. For me, I think I have a pretty great life, and I work for a great company that has allowed me to work from home. So, in my mind I think, “It is a privilege, don’t screw it up Rorie.” – Rorie, Agent Service Representative 2

These ideas are easy and impactful! Have you recognized things that help your day run smoothly? What have you done that has worked? I would love to hear your tips. We are in this together and we can do this together.