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Do you know how an elephant trainer is able to tame an elephant? The trainer can hold that beautiful and powerful animal captive simply by tying a small rope or chain to their leg. What!? How is that possible? Elephants can weigh upwards of 14,000 lbs. They can pull a tree and all its roots out from the earth. So how could a trainer possibly keep it tethered by something it is absolutely capable of overpowering? Their belief in potential.

When they are young and still small, the rope is enough. The baby elephant fights the rope day in and day out. But eventually, the rope digs into their leg, which creates a burn, and the elephant, believing it has no chance of freedom, gives up.  This belief is so strong, that even after the elephant becomes the most powerful mammal on the planet, it doesn’t even try to escape it.

For days, the question kept ringing in my ears, “How have I stifled my belief in my potential?” And even more importantly, “How can I change those beliefs?”

As I’ve pondered these thoughts and done some research, this is what I’ve come up with.


  1. Pay attention to where you stop.

Do you stop as soon as there is a hurdle? Do you stop before you even begin? Do you not allow yourself to even try for the achievement you want? Where are you stopping and why? You can’t change something you aren’t aware of so tune-in and pay attention.


  1. Notice the belief that accompanies your decision to give up and adjust.

Have you ever said the following to yourself?

  • I can’t do this.
  • It’s impossible for me.
  • I always fail.
  • It never works out for me.
  • I’m just not good at things like that.
  • I’ll never get what I want.

A very simple way to turn that limiting belief into a positive one is to add the word “yet” or “until.”

Example: It’s impossible for me to be promoted… until I identify my roadblock, seek help and adjust my process.”

EX: “I can’t do this…yet.”

Start believing. Start trying. Start pushing past your limits. How can we meet our potential if we allow old beliefs to hold us captive? In what ways are you that powerful elephant that believes a little rope can stop you? We are in this together and we can do this together.



As reflected in all of her roles, Jo is a believer in people and their potential. Juggling the demanding roles of a Learning and Development Specialist, author, and adoring mother of two all at the same time, it can fairly be stated that Jo changes lives full-time.