Embracing Change as Normal

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Embracing change as normal gratitude

Throughout my life I have periodically heard, and even used, the phrase, “I can’t wait until things get back to normal.” Never has it been so often expressed as in the past two years. Yet, this begs at least a couple of questions: “What is normal?” “Why are we so anxious to go backward in… Read more »

Team Member Spotlight – Nicole

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employee spotlight nicole

When describing the makings of an individual that has had great corporate success, such adjectives like, ‘accountable’, ‘tenacious’, ‘resilient’, and ‘aggressive’ may be fairly offered—but ‘kind’ may escape such a list. Nicole is evidence that kindness is the catalyst of professional success. By fostering meaningful, enriching relationships, Nicole has demonstrated that leading with your heart… Read more »

Selling Out: 3 Signs You Need a New Sales Job

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In an industry renowned for the cultivation of dedicated, loyal relationships, the inside sales job market is awfully fickle. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, a landscape of sales environments is available to the aspiring salesperson. Bolder and bolder incentives are offered to entice new-hires, including unlimited PTO, sign-on bonuses, remote flexibility, and every… Read more »

The Recipe for Creativity in the Workplace

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the recipe for creativity in the workplace

There is a tragic contrast that continues to prevail in our world: There are creative endeavors, like painting, dance or polka, and then there is gray-suit, comb-over, colorless business. Just consider every Pixar-type movie you’ve ever seen and the presence of suit-touting villains. When did business become the enemy of creativity? On the contrary, the… Read more »

Team Member Spotlight – Jamison

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employee spotlight Jamison National Sales Manager

Never, ever, in the history of industry, has there been a dip in demand for talent. Regardless of market fluctuations, the need for capable, intelligent employees has, and always will be, a top priority for recruiting organizations. Though Jamison is certainly a talented individual, he possesses a skill that challenges the value of talent. Jamison… Read more »

Team Member Spotlight – Lisa

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Image of employee Lisa hiking in the mountains

When we imagine a welcoming person, we likely envision a warm, inviting personality. These people are affable, approachable, and an automatic ally. Though Lisa certainly fits the bill, she also enlarges on the adjective in her approach to life—welcoming all good, all gain, and all growth into her story. If you’re fortunate enough to be… Read more »

ELevated: Bloom

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elevated article header man stretching arms out to sky

I always thought that trees died in the winter and came back to life in spring. I’ve recently learned this isn’t true. The shedding of their leaves is just a tactic to survive the brutal winter environment. They are in a situation where they know they cannot thrive, so they shed their leaves letting go… Read more »

ELevated: Jump!

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elevated article header man stretching arms out to sky

Allow me to introduce you to someone dear to my heart. His name is Michael. He has been a father figure to me since I was young. Michael is magical. He sees the good in everyone, he is wildly protective, and he never participates in negativity of any sort. He has a magnetic personality which… Read more »

Stay in your Lane: Good or Bad Advice?

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Stay in your lane good or bad advice

‘Staying in your lane’ is an interesting ideal in a contemporary, corporate setting. Nowadays, collaboration is held in such high-esteem that businesses will invest millions in training, installing, and implementing workplace collaboration software. That hardly sounds like ‘staying in your lane.’ But then again, imagine if responsibility was shared among the entire company: No individual… Read more »