Virtual Success: Comfort

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virtual success comfort work from home

There are few things better than being comfortable. Laying in a warm bed, wearing pants that stretch with cozy socks—it’s pure bliss. We crave comfort, so when we finally find it, it’s a place we don’t want to leave. When we are experienced and have a lot of knowledge in a certain area, we easily… Read more »

Virtual Success: Fear

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virtual success fear work from home tips

During WWI, Amelia Earhart was a first-aid nurse in Toronto. She spent much of her free time watching the Royal Flying Corps train in the local airfield. Her interest of being a pilot was sparked and the seed of a dream was planted. After the war, while taking pre-med classes at Columbia University, she went… Read more »

Virtual Success: Staying Focused

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virtual success staying focused work from home

Picture this: You’re on a virtual meeting call at home. You want to stay focused, but you also just noticed the Amazon truck pulled up. You don’t even remember what you bought. It is just sitting there on your porch waiting for you to rip it open and bask in the 5 seconds of pure… Read more »

Virtual Success: Remote Tips

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virtual success remote tips work from home

Pre-COVID, we only had a handful of employees that worked from home. This week, I reached out to some of them since they are our “work from home pros” to see what tips they had incorporated to be successful in their roles. Here are three pro-tips that stood out: Have a routine Maintain a consistent… Read more »

Team Member Spotlight – Jo

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jo spotlight family

Something remarkable occurs when self-improvement becomes obsessive. Individuals that suffer in stagnation, individuals like Jo, act as the unstoppable tide that raises all boats. Somehow in marching to the sound of her own drum, Jo has successfully raised up an ensemble in her legacy as a leader, further progressing the rhythm of an organization that… Read more »

Team Member Spotlight – Daniel

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daniel standing hand in pocket professional

When you’re in the business of interviewing, your demographic is pretty uniform: successful, accomplished, happy people. These individuals speak with charisma, and while being cautious to specify that I don’t refer to arrogance, they typically are able to speak about their accomplishments with ease. Daniel certainly possesses charisma, but when asked to recount his accomplishments,… Read more »

Virtual Success: Belief in Potential

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virtual success belief in potential work from home

Do you know how an elephant trainer is able to tame an elephant? The trainer can hold that beautiful and powerful animal captive simply by tying a small rope or chain to their leg. What!? How is that possible? Elephants can weigh upwards of 14,000 lbs. They can pull a tree and all its roots… Read more »

Virtual Success: Creating Habits

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virtual success habits work from home

How are your New Year’s goals going? At this point in the year, most have forgotten about their goals, let alone accomplished them. Goals are hard to maintain. The idea of change can be exciting, but most people aren’t great at the follow through required after the rush wears off. In fact, studies have shown… Read more »

Virtual Success: Time Investment

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virtual success time investment

  The way we manage our time investment is an expression of our priorities. There are so many things that we can each invest our time, money, effort, mental and physical energy into. Do you give conscious thought to your time investment? Take a step back and look at your day. Do you make choices… Read more »

Podcast Network EP 20 | Culture Roundtable pt. 3

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podcast network thriving establishing a resilient culture roundtable

Ultimately, the elements of a successful culture can be broken down into a handful of defining attributes. Which attributes are highlighted is the decision of each company, but a universal essential is empathy. Tune-in to our final episode to discover what happens when a group of caring people all pitch-in.       ### Don’t… Read more »