This blog roundup covers the example of one of our team members, difficult conversations, and understanding unique qualities of your team.

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This month’s blog roundup covers pursuing growth, gratitude, and success, whether through the example of one of our team members, difficult conversations, or understanding the unique qualities of your team.


Team Member Spotlight Malani

Malani, England Logistics’ supervisor of payroll and HR administrator, brings passion and a positive outlook to work with her. Outside of her role at England Logistics, she loves her cats and spending time with her family. Learn more about her in her Team Member Spotlight!


Why Uncomfortable Conversations are Worth It

The fear of conflict is common and uncomfortable conversations often have high stakes. Although they can be stressful, uncomfortable conversations can improve relationships and quality of life. By embracing difficult conversations, you gain the power to change things dramatically. This blog has tips for negotiating difficult conversations and claiming those benefits.


Continuous People Development

Continuous personal and professional improvement can help you reach your goals and expand your skills and talents. The cycle of growth includes four phases which are: seeking feedback, planning development, increasing knowledge and skills, and implementation. Following these steps creates a straightforward path to success and further development. Take a look at this blog to learn more about this cycle and how it can benefit you.


Can Gratitude Breed Success

Gratitude is proven to make people happier, but there are also other benefits, professionally. Gratitude can reduce stress, improve the quality of work, and increase confidence. Many factors contribute to success, but gratitude can push you in the right direction by helping you feel better overall. Take a look at this blog to learn more about how gratitude can help you be successful.


Generation VS Individual

Getting to know people on an individual level does much more for your team and for that individual than generalizing based on what generation they are a member of. Treating people based on any stereotype is taking the risk that your assumption may be inaccurate. Therefore, in a leadership role, getting to know each team member is essential. Check out this blog for more leadership tips regarding individuality.