Tips for Choosing the Best Tire for Carriers

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It doesn’t matter what size your fleet is, what equipment you run or which part of the country you’re in. One thing is true for all fleets: You will need to replace the tires on your trucks or trailers at some point. There are many tire brands from a variety of manufacturers available in the… Read more »

Fluctuating Fuel Prices | How to Save at Fuel Stations with Fuel Rewards Programs

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You may be familiar with supply and demand, but have you considered how it impacts your everyday life? Commodities such as food and fuel are strategically released into the market based on supply and demand, and this influences how much you pay. Fuel is one of the most unstable commodities in the market. We are… Read more »

What Color Is Your Parachute

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As a new year begins, many of us engage in the long-standing tradition of making a New Year’s resolution. We typically establish these to improve our self or some aspect of our life, including our careers. Resolutions often involve improving roles in our current organization, finding a new place of employment or launching our careers…. Read more »

England Logistics Podcast Network Ep 7 Meeting Expecations

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  ###   Learn more about our Customer Experience Initiative HERE. Don’t forget to download and subscribe to The England Logistics Podcast Network on iTunes and Spotify so you don’t miss out on any upcoming episodes. Listen to ALL Episodes of the England Logistics Podcast Network Episodes on Spotify Available on iTunes HERE

Outstanding Customer Service | Weekly Coaching Call Reviews Direct Contact Matching Communication Styles

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The size of your business is not based on the number of employees, but the number of customers that continue to use your product. With competitors always ready to fill in, it’s key to set yourself apart by offering the best experience. In this article, we will share four ways to stay connected with your… Read more »

Grow Your Business in 2019 England Logistics

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Whether your business is well established or just getting started, there’s no reason you can’t make 2019 your company’s best year yet. Often times, it’s as easy as getting back to the basics. Here are eight tips that will help grow your business to its full potential in the new year.   Develop Your Strategy… Read more »

Best Practices For Enhancing Your Business With Royalane Trucking | Strong Relationships & Strong Network

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As the owner of Royalane Trucking LLC, Bret admits that competing with bigger fleets can be challenging. However, he has been able to grow his fleet to over 30 trucks despite challenges and believes 2019 will be his best year yet. Here are some of Bret’s best practices that have allowed him to improve his… Read more »

Employee Spotlight - Brian Supply Chain Management

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The England Logistics team is made up of focused, committed and downright delightful individuals. As one of the nation’s top freight brokerage firms, our success and reputation are due to the unique skills and personalities that each member of our team contributes. To help you get to know the people behind England Logistics, we are… Read more »

Accessorial Charges Accessorial Fees LTL Shipping

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Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a tricky and important part of your business to navigate accurately. When you are booking a LTL shipment, you are traditionally booking a dock-to-dock transfer of your product. However, most shipments aren’t that simple. Not everyone is packing pallets up in a warehouse with a dock, and not all… Read more »