As Driver Appreciation Week approaches on September 10 – 16, many prominent companies will be celebrating drivers in unique ways.

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As Driver Appreciation Week approaches on September 10 – 16, many of the industry’s most prominent companies will be celebrating drivers in unique ways.

Whether a newcomer to the industry or a proven vet, Driver Appreciation Week comes with many excellent benefits for drivers; however, many truckers may need to learn how to seize them.

For your benefit, here’s a little about Driver Appreciation Week and some of the perks for truckers in 2023.



In 1988, the American Trucking Association launched Driver Appreciation Week to honor and celebrate the truckers who keep our nation moving.

Though Driver Appreciation Week has been celebrated in a myriad of ways through the years, it has been a tradition for organizations and individuals to thank truckers for their unmatched contributions to the supply chain.

Here are a few ways in 2023 that companies are expressing their thanks.


Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops is a wonderful example of an organization that goes above and beyond for Driver Appreciation Week.

In 2023, Love’s is celebrating drivers with:

  • Food and beverage deals from September 11 – 15.
  • Free hot sandwiches, bowls, or salad with every oil change occurring September 11 -15.
  • Free hats for every purchase of 3-pack gloves.

In addition to these benefits, My Love Rewards members will receive deals throughout September to celebrate drivers.



TA-Petro got creative this Driver Appreciation Week. Starting September 12, drivers can receive exclusive discounts on an array of products with a daily ‘spin to win.’

To participate, drivers can visit, click “Play Now” on the website home page, and enter their email address. Once enrolled, carriers can spin for a daily discount.

Discounts include:

  • $5 off at Full Service or Quick Serve Restaurants
  • $.50 off your beverage at Full Service or Quick Serve Restaurants
  • 50% off a meal at a Full Service or Quick Serve Restaurant
  • Buy a meal, get a second meal to go for 50% off
  • $.50 fountain drinks
  • $.50 coffee
  • $.50 roller grill items
  • Free BlueParrot headphones
  • $50 off 2 steer tires at TA Truck Service
  • $50 off a tractor DOT at TA Truck Service
  • $15 off any mudflap at TA Truck Service
  • $50 off Ultimate PM at TA Truck Service


Trucker Tools

Historically, Trucker Tools has distributed swag and produced excellent Driver Appreciation Week content for their social media channels.

Though Trucker Tool’s plan for Driver Appreciation Week is still a surprise, be sure to follow their Facebook to keep up with updates!

In addition to the superb initiatives by Love’s, TA-Petro and Trucker Tools, England Logistics will also be celebrating drivers with highlights of drivers, giveaways, and our personal expressions of thanks. To keep up our Driver Appreciation Week celebration, follow our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels.


Driver Appreciation Week is an excellent opportunity for drivers to have their efforts recognized and celebrated. From our team, please accept our early thanks for your indispensable service in a vital industry.


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