3PLs can save your company tremendous time through load coordination and optimizing LTL routes in your supply chain for greater efficiency.

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If you ship products requiring less-than-truckload (LTL) or refrigerated solutions, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed about sending your goods to clients.

After all, shipments of this nature depend on your ability to:

  • Secure carriers with the proper capacity and technology to move your product
  • Coordinate complex routes with multiple stopping-points
  • Establish relationships with retailers
  • Coordinate shipment details and enforce punctuality
  • …and the list goes on.

Few shippers possess the resources to make such arrangements on their own. Fortunately, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) specialize in shipments of all varieties, including LTL and refrigerated.

3PLs can save your company tremendous time through load coordination and optimize your supply chain for greater efficiency. This means more products shipped in less time.

Here’s how:


  1. Leveraging technology and expertise

LTL freight brokers are experts within the industry. They ship LTL products professionally and are familiar with the most efficient routes in any permutation of locations.

LTL brokers also have access to technology that calculates the most efficient routes possible for your shipment. This technology minimizes miles traveled by carriers and maximizes savings.

These solutions allow valuable consolidation opportunities to mitigate unnecessary deadhead miles and keep your supply chain profitable.


  1. Access to premium carrier networks

3PLs possess associations with carriers that have demonstrated their ability to be efficient, dependable, and timely. LTL brokers often have carrier qualification criteria that ensure your shipments are delivered by the industry’s best.

Access to a network of vetted carriers can prevent claims on loads by inexperienced drivers. Notably, 3PLs often offer better shipment rates than market standards through pre-negotiated relationships. These rates are then passed on to shippers to keep your shipping costs lean.

With a third-party logistics provider, you can feel confident in the abilities of those carrying out your supply chain.


  1. Access to networks of big box retailers

In addition to a premium carrier network, 3PLs also have access to a network of big-box retailers. This tool can be fascinating for shippers looking to put their products into the hands of more prominent distributors.

Through consultation with your LTL broker, you can schedule appointments with large distributors to catalyze your business expansion.


  1. Visibility and data analysis

3PL technology doesn’t stop at efficiency. Shippers can access real-time visibility of shipments through an LTL broker. This enables shippers to be involved throughout the shipment process and aid in troubleshooting should a load go awry.

Once a load is delivered, 3PL technology often includes a data report to the shipper. By gaining access to valuable quantitative feedback, shippers will be better informed when making decisions regarding their supply chain.


  1. One point of contact client service

The very best 3PLs offer a single point of contact for client service. This means your supply chain is equipped with a personally assigned account manager dedicated to your business’s success at any given time.

This model takes a load (or two) off a shipper’s shoulders and prevents inefficiencies caused by re-educating every account manager assigned to your shipments.


3PLs enable shippers to increase supply chain efficiencies. Shippers are more equipped to expand their businesses by leveraging expertise, technology, and an arsenal of LTL-related tools. With less headache in the supply chain process, 3PLs can also help shippers fight the inherent overwhelm of supply chain management.


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