Should you buy a new truck in 2024? This week's Carrier Connection outlines some considerations for carriers when expanding their fleet.

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To buy or not to buy, that is the question for most truckers in 2024. With such an overcapacity of trucks and trailers in the current market, many carriers have hesitated to expand their fleet—but is this hesitation justified? Despite a saturated market, there are some conditions in a buyer’s favor. Here are some of… Read more »

how to make tires last longer

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If all tires are spendy, semi-truck tires might as well be gold. No trucker can escape the considerable cost of semi-truck tires, but wise carriers can make the very most of the ones they have and get their money’s worth. To help you trim costs and stay safe, here’s how to make your tires last… Read more »

2024 brings a year of tremendous opportunities to save, but only for those carriers that are capitalizing on its trends.

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Though many indicators of the trucking industry are showing some promise, including fuel, demand, and other market vitals, others have anticipated more tepid results. Ultimately, the jury is still out as to the trucking industry for 2024. With the future of the market still uncertain, there are some notable trends that truckers can capitalize on… Read more »

As freight theft continues to increase, carriers should practice preventative measures to mitigate their risk of becoming victims.

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In Q3 of 2023, CargoNet reported that freight thieves had stolen over $31.1 million in shipments. Based on the median US income, that’s enough to sustain more than 400 families for a year. Unfortunately, Q3 represented an alarming trend for freight theft. As freight theft continues to increase, carriers should practice preventative measures to mitigate… Read more »

How Truckers Are Spending the Holidays

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Happy holidays, truckers! According to a survey of over 500 truckers, 84% plan to take on additional work during the holidays. 27% of those drivers planned to take on 26-50% more work. As the supply chain ramps up to keep pace with the holiday rush, truckers make the magic happen. As noble as their work… Read more »

freight agent

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With an abiding love for her team and cherished standard operating procedures, Sheralyn spreads her enthusiasm for life with a contagious smile. Known for her staple cheeriness, she continues to cultivate success with her rare blend of ambition and natural talent for operations. Even as she plots her disappearance to an exotic location, Sheralyn maintains… Read more »

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Because one trucker decided to make the call on a suspicious vehicle, 31 offenders were convicted, a 13-state child trafficking ring was shut down, and 7 children were rescued. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance hosts an annual Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative to provide truckers with the tools they need to help put a stop to… Read more »

England Logistics ships millions of pounds of holiday trees each year and can provide access to needed capacity during the busy season.

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The holiday season comes with a variety of traditions that many consider essential to getting in the holiday spirit. Traditional music, food, gift-giving, and decorations appropriate for the holiday are an important part of celebrations in many cultures worldwide. In the United States, many consider the holiday season to last from October to the end… Read more »

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Imagine that you’re hauling a load down the busy streets of Chicago. As an overpass approaches, you notice that the gap between your trailer and the pass looks tight, but an official-looking individual in a vest motions for you to continue. You heed their command and scrape your trailer across the underside of the overpass…. Read more »

In this week's Carrier Connection, we cover some ways to save $500 a month for your trucking business! Keep your bottom line trimmed.

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The last few years have taken truckers on a ride. The trucker boom flooded the market with hopeful carriers looking to make a load, but few have been able to stick it through the long haul. In the aftermath of a volatile market, truckers are looking to stretch their dollars as far as possible to… Read more »