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2024 is looking to be a revolutionary year for tire technology. With vendors like Michelin standing at the forefront of pioneering new tech, carriers can expect substantial changes in how they roll… including Michelin airless tires.

Here are the top tech tire trends to look for in 2024.


  1. Michelin Airless Tires

You read that right.

In 2024, Michelin and General Motors intend to roll out the very first airless tires for select vehicles.

michelin airless tire

Image courtesy of Michelin.


Comprised of flexible spokes instead of air, the new UPTIS tires will be puncture resistant, eliminate accidents caused by blowouts, and employ the same technology used in moon rovers.

In addition to improved functionality, the UPTIS tire will also reduce scrapped tires by 20%–a massive achievement in sustainability.

Though the price hasn’t been announced yet, some sources speculate that consumers can expect airless tires to cost 25% more than traditional tires. Michelin anticipates that airless tires will last 3x longer than typical tires. Not a bad trade-off for the higher pricing.

Michelin plans to make UPTIS tires available in 2024.

While you wait, Michelin has dominated 2023 with the fuel-saving Xline Energy Z tire. Boasting 20% more mileage and 5% better rolling resistance, the Xline Energy Z tire can be had by filling out a form like the one below.


    1. Tires from Recycled Plastics

    In line with Michelin’s desire to be entirely sustainable by 2050, 2024 will see the introduction of tires made from raw materials sourced from recycled plastics.

    With over 4 billion bottles being made into raw materials, Michelin is able to manufacture a tire using 143 yogurt cups and 12.5 bottles.

    These efforts to responsibly source raw materials may potentially change the way tires are manufactured forever.


    1. Tires from Soybean Oil and Rice Husks

    Goodyear is seeking to make 2024 worth of its namesake with tires comprised of soybean oil and rice husks.


    Image courtesy of AutoBlog.

    The ElectricDrive 2 tire is specifically manufactured to accommodate the increased weight of electric vehicles. The additional wear and tear from battery weight has historically reduced the duration of traditional tires on EVs. Goodyear’s solution comes with a 60,000-mile warranty.

    Goodyear plans to roll out the ElectricDrive 2 in May of 2024.


    1. Smart Tires with Indicative Sensors

    2024 will also see a continued push for real-time user reporting for smart tires.

    As analytic integrations for tires advance, it is anticipated that vehicle manufacturers will make reporting on weather conditions, potholes, cornering and grip information available to the user in 2024.

    These macro-indicators of a tire’s health can be particularly useful for preventative maintenance, allowing users to diagnose issues before they become symptomatic.

    2024 brings the promise of a host of innovations to the tire world. With greater sustainability, greater insight to the user, and eventually airless tires, many of the issues that have plagued the tire industry are gradually becoming obsolete.

    Keep up on further trends to come in later Carrier Connections.


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