Building Your Business | Supply Chain Management | Reduced Logistics Costs

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There are five common objectives that cause business owners to seek out a supply chain management provider: quick response time, the ability to manage and fulfill expectations, optimized pricing, increased sales and reduced logistics costs. When businesses choose to work with a supply chain provider rather than tackle it in-house, they access an expansive resource… Read more »

Resolving Customer Conflict | Resolve Conflict | Seeing other point of view

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You’ve put in all the steps to provide the best customer service. Systems are running on all cylinders and you are confident nothing can get in your way. Unfortunately, every company eventually runs into a conflict. The good news is that the problem can be minimized by how you address it with the customer. When… Read more »

Factoring payments

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Those in the trucking industry are all too familiar with the common challenge of receiving quick payment. Carriers can run into many roadblocks after hauling a load and submitting an invoice for payment. These roadblocks can lead to slow or unresolved payments and wasted time trying to collect on your hard work. Fortunately, factoring providers… Read more »

International Roadcheck

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It’s that time of year again! The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced details of the 2019 International Roadcheck, which will take place June 4-6. Now is the time for carrier safety, compliance staff and drivers to begin preparing for an inspection. Although inspectors generally conduct Level 1 inspections, CVSA also puts extra emphasis… Read more »

Antelope Island

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The England Logistics team is made up of focused, committed and downright delightful individuals. As one of the nation’s top freight brokerage firms, our success and reputation are due to the unique skills and personalities that each member of our team contributes. To help you get to know the people behind England Logistics, we are… Read more »

A Look Ahead DHL Contributor | Planning for the future | De minimis

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Written by Greg Hewitt, DHL Blog In its most basic form, logistics is all about planning for the future. It’s about determining the best way to build, implement and manage supply chains today that will deliver efficiently and effectively tomorrow and beyond. For businesses in the booming e-commerce arena, logistics and shipping represent the final and essential… Read more »

Freight Classification Adjustments | Who is the CCSB | NMFTA | NMFC

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Freight classification remains a fluid and evolving subject. At any time, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) has issued amendments to the current National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC). This happens a few times throughout the year, and can require shippers to be on their toes.   The NMFTA reconsidered the proposed amendments by March… Read more »

Produce season produce rates produce transportation FMSA

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As temperatures rise and days get longer, shippers begin gearing up for a busy produce season. Spring through early summer marks a time of tightened capacity, increased rates and scheduling constraints even if you aren’t in the produce industry. This is especially the case for companies shipping refrigerated products.   Produce Season Produce season in… Read more »

Advantage of a Supply Chain Solution | Supply Chain Management | SCM Provider

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According to Logistics Management, 55 million tons of goods are transported through the U.S. freight system daily. This number is expected to grow nearly 42% by 2040. As for jobs in the manufacturing industry, CNBC reported that a record-breaking 284,000 jobs were offered in 2018. This growth trend in U.S. manufacturing and shipping is encouraging… Read more »

Common Customer Service Mistakes

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It’s easy to let small missteps creep into our customer service strategy. Although they may not initially seem detrimental to your customer relationships, they could be creating a gap that your competitor can fill. Review your customer service strategy and look for these four small common mistakes. Avoiding them will go a long way in… Read more »