how to make tires last longer

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If all tires are spendy, semi-truck tires might as well be gold.

No trucker can escape the considerable cost of semi-truck tires, but wise carriers can make the very most of the ones they have and get their money’s worth.

To help you trim costs and stay safe, here’s how to make your tires last longer.


  1. Brush Up on the Basics

Let’s get the classics out of the way. You likely already know:

  • Keep your tires pumped to avoid damaging them.
  • Try to avoid potholes/road imperfections.
  • Don’t skid.
  • Park carefully, always watching for signs of debris.

These are the essentials for proper tire care. Now, on to the good stuff.


  1. Know Your Load Limits

Every tire has a load limit. Put simply, the load limit is the amount of weight a tire can support.

A tire’s load limit can be found as the last two digits on the tire’s face. This number is called the index number. Once you’ve identified the index number, match it with the corresponding value in the table below to find the load limit.


Image courtesy of TreadWright Tires.

If you overload your tires with cargo beyond the weight limit, your tires will wear faster and explode.

Never jeopardize your safety or budget by purchasing cheaper tires with a lower load limit. In the long run, you’ll likely make costly repairs that are more expensive than standard tires.


  1. Ensure That Dual-Tire Configurations Are Not Making Contact

Checking your dual-tire set-up is easy and can save you hundreds.

If your tires are making direct contact with each other, the friction can cause overheating, eventually leading to a blowout. Additionally, contact between dual tires can stress your tires’ bearings and wheels, potentially causing significant mechanical issues.

Frequently evaluate your tires for contact to increase their longevity.


  1. Make Sure Tire Size is Consistent

If your tires are mismatched in size, you’ll place significant strain on some tires and less on others.

Mismatched tires can come in the form of buying individual tires instead of sets or possessing tires of differing wear. Foreign tire vendors that lack credibility can also produce tires that are inconsistent in size.

When purchasing tires, note that they are the same size to prolong their life.


  1. Rotate Tires Often

This tip may seem common sense, but rotating your tires is one of the most effective ways to prolong their lifetimes.

Rotating your tires prevents uneven wear that naturally occurs in most trucks because of inconsistent load sizes. Experts recommend rotating your tires when half their tread is depleted.


Because a trucker’s load is constantly changing, tire hygiene for truckers is unique. By practicing the basics and the tips described above, you can know exactly how to make tires last longer. By making your tires last longer, you can purchase tires less frequently and reap substantial savings.


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