How Truckers Are Spending the Holidays

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Happy holidays, truckers!

According to a survey of over 500 truckers, 84% plan to take on additional work during the holidays. 27% of those drivers planned to take on 26-50% more work.

As the supply chain ramps up to keep pace with the holiday rush, truckers make the magic happen. As noble as their work is, some truckers may feel left in the cold as they spend the holidays on the road.

Here are a few ways to bring the happiness of the holidays to your cab.


  1. Deck Your Rig from Stack to Back

A little tinsel goes a long way.

A wreath on the grill, lights in the cabin, poinsettias on your dash—these are just a few of our favorite things. When trucking for the holidays, bring a little holly for the long haul to get in the festive spirit.

For a great guide to decking your rig for the holidays, check out this article.


  1. Stream the Season

Once the lights glow in your cab, nothing brings the spirit of the season like familiar holiday songs.

Every state has a radio station that plays holiday music. Additionally, streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music provide endless access to holiday music, including a few playlists curated exclusively for truckers. Spotify has some particularly great playlists for the classics.

If you want a really deep dive into all things holidays, check out these holiday podcasts to get in a festive mood.


  1. Create Your Own Traditions

Though this requires a bit more creativity, you can make the most of the holidays on the road by crafting your own traditions.

Here’s a few ideas to get the snowball rolling:

  • Purchase or create an advent calendar. You might consider video chatting with your loved ones every day leading up to the holiday.
  • Make it your goal to find the very best holiday treat while on the road! Just don’t be surprised when you discover a bowl full of jelly under your nose.
  • Take photos of some of the most beautiful holiday decorations you see while on the road. Share with your loved ones on a text string.


  1. Enjoy a Holiday Feast at a Participating Truck Stop

Many generous truck stop chains provide meals to truckers to help ease the strain of the holidays.

If you’re headed to an area where truck stops are scarce, here is a great list of restaurants open through the holidays.

If you are struggling to make ends meet this year, Meals for 18 Wheels is an organization that provides meals to truckers on demand. If you are in need of a meal, especially during the holiday season, message the page admin to request assistance.


  1. Make a Pitstop at a Holiday Event

For many truckers, the holidays can be an especially lonely time. To deter feelings of loneliness, try attending prominent holiday events along your route to connect with others.

A few ideas include:

  • Volunteering with a local charity to get in the spirit of giving this season. org is a great resource to link you with local opportunities wherever you are.
  • A holiday concert or show to brighten your spirits. Just perform a Google search of opportunities in your local area.
  • Parades can also be a wonderful way for truckers to contribute their rig to something greater. This article is a great start to finding a parade along your route.


Truckers are spending the holidays making the season merry and bright for everyone—but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the most wonderful time of the year! By decorating, tuning in, and seeking out new traditions, truckers can make the most of the holiday season, wherever the road takes them.