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Throughout history, leaders have been distinguished by titles. Only an individual with the title of ‘captain’ could pilot a ship, only a ‘general’ could command an army, and only a ‘king’ could govern a people. Regardless, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Occasionally, there comes along an individual so naturally inclined to caring… Read more »

how to choose a truck stop

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Truck stops began as a location for semi-trucks to have a convenient place to fuel along the main truck lines across the nation. Now, they’ve evolved into full service, driver-centric, homes away from home for hard working drivers. The variety of amenities these modernized truck stops offer are seemingly endless. With all of the offerings… Read more »

Listening Helps Customer Relationships

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The most common type of customer relationships are general and mutually beneficial. If a customer relationship dissolves, it’s typically because one of the parties is no longer benefitting from the connection. This can happen quickly because general relationships may have signed terms but don’t necessarily lock either party into dedicated services or products. The keys… Read more »

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” In the business world, this phrase means you should avoid doing the majority of your business with just one or a few customers. Most credit companies consider your customer concentration when reviewing credit applications. If 25% of your revenue is coming… Read more »

Should You Ship with a 3PL

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In today’s competitive business climate, shippers are continually examining their businesses and looking for ways to become more efficient and save money. One question a shipper should ask themselves as they fine-tune their business is, “Should I ship with a 3PL or an asset-based carrier?” In order for you to understand which solution suits your… Read more »

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This is a picture of my little family. Isn’t it sweet? Happy, smiling, faces. A loving brother gently touching his sister while we look at our perfect, new baby girl. Outside the fact that we love each other, this picture was a total illusion. Here is the full truth of that day: I was a… Read more »

2021 International Road Check

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is holding its International Road Check May 4-6. During those 72 hours, vehicle inspectors conduct inspections for commercial vehicles throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. The International Road Check program raises awareness of the North American Standard Inspection program and keeps highways and roads safe. Drivers and carriers… Read more »

First Year in LTL

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For anyone starting in a new position, the first year can be very hard to navigate. This is never truer than in the ever-expanding world of freight. With so many departments and different shipping alternatives, operating in this world can be pretty confusing. Here we’ve shared 5 helpful tips for learning in your first year… Read more »