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Eighteen wheels make for a lot of tires. Between steer, drive, trailer, all position, and endless tire brands, finding the best semi-truck tires can feel impossible.

Over decades of providing clients with semi-truck tires, England Carrier Services has evaluated dozens of tires for durability, fuel efficiency, grip, and overall performance.

According to these categories, many tires stand high above their competitors.

Here are the very best semi-truck tires.


  1. Best Value: BFGoodrich DR444 Drive Tire

The BFGoodrich DR444 drive tire gets you the greatest grip for your buck.

For some of the best competitive pricing in the industry, the BFGoodrich DR444 drive tire gets you:

  • Central grooves shoo out water for outstanding traction in wet weather.
  • 28/32nds tread depth maximizes tire life for superb durability.
  • All-steel construction allows for maximum retreadability for a long-lasting tire.

If you’re looking for an affordable tire that lasts longer, the BFGoodrich DR444 drive tire is among the best semi-truck tires.



    1. Best Trailer Tire: Uniroyal® LT2 Line Haul Trailer Tire

    The Uniroyal® LT2 line haul trailer tire helps you maximize fuel efficiency and mileage, keeping up with your trailer’s everyday demands.

    The Uniroyal® LT2 line haul trailer boasts the following features:

    • Groove micro siping and supporting shoulder tread reduce irregular wear.
    • Casing keeps deter stones that cause incremental damage.
    • Four grooves for water evacuation to increase your grip in wet weather.

    The Uniroyal® LT2 line haul trailer offers greater performance and longevity for the best price and the best semi truck tires.



      1. 👑 Best Overall: Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ Tire

      best semi truck tires

      For 2024, the best semi-truck tire goes to Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ tire. With unmatched durability and fuel efficiency, here are the highlights.

      • 17% more miles than its predecessor.(1)  Introducing a casing so durable it’s designed to reach up to 1 million miles with up to 4 retreads.
      • 12% lower in rolling resistance.(2)
      • Decoupling grooves and direction mini sipes encourage even wear for excellent durability.

      For overall superior performance, the Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ tire is one of the best semi-truck tires.



        With hundreds of tires, it can be difficult for many carriers to know which are best for their rigs. After evaluation, we’ve found that the BFGoodrich DR444 drive tire, Uniroyal® LT2 line haul trailer tire, and the Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ tire are among the best for their performance and value.

        If you’d like additional information about any of the above tires, feel free to visit any of the product guides below.


        BFGoodrich DR444 drive tire guide

        Uniroyal® LT2 line haul trailer tire guide

        Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ tire guide


        1. Based on wear projections in an internal study of 5 fleets in line haul usage at 94% worn, 260 total tires, 6/32” pull point, 295/75R22.5 LRH X® Line EnergyTMZ+ vs. 275/80R22.5 LRH X® Line EnergyTM Z (equivalent sizes). Actual on-road results may vary.
        2. Calculated based on internal ISO28580 rolling resistance testing: 295/75R22.5 LRH X® Line EnergyTM Z+ vs. 275/80R22.5 LRH X® Line EnergyTMZ (equivalent sizes).


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