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England Carrier Services X Michelin®

17% More Miles


Through England Carrier Services, you can get the Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ steer tires that have been proven to outlast its predecessor by 17%.


The Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ Tire Advantage:

  • The XLEZ+ is designed to reach up to 1 million miles with up to 4 retreads. That’s more ‘extra miles’ than other steer tires across the industry.
  • The XLEZ+ goes 17% farther than its predecessor… and its predecessor goes 20% farther than other baseline steer tires.
  • The XLEZ+ has 12% better rolling resistance than its predecessor. Better rolling resistance means greater fuel efficiency for fewer dollars at the pump.

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    Need the details? Check out the full Michelin X® Line Energy™ Z+ tire consumer’s guide below:

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